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The archive register is here provide information on pre war MG,s by identification of early photographs.
These photos with their early registration numbers can often assist in tracing a car's history.
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MGs in Competition Page 1
This PA has an Australian copy of an English body. Note the typically Aspinal windscreen mounts. I wonder if 258.857 is the car that Lanes Motors sold to "Miss Narrie" in 1934? Note the look on the drivers face as the 'helper' takes a firm grip on the front mudguard.
Magilton Collection.
This J3 is almost certainly chassis J3762 now owned and restored by Ed Taylor. The event could be a Victorian Light Car Club 1/4 mile sprint. Any more information would be most welcome. I can highly recommend Ed Taylor's book covering the histories of all 22 J3s. - Magilton collection.

This is possibly my favourite old photo. The scene is the "LCCA Winter 100" at Phillip Island on the old gravel road circuit in June 1934. Here we have no less than five J2s, all imported by Lanes Motors of Exhibition St, Melbourne and all bodied by Charlie Aspinall with his distinctive doorless, steel framed bodies. The timekeeper has just flagged off the limit man Bob Lea-Wright in the Singer and is now counting down the seconds before sending the J2s on their way.
#17 is Arthur Terdich. Reg 141.532. Chassis 4415. DNF. It was possibly this chassis that young Winston Bolwell used to build the "Bolwell MkII".
#18 is Colin Keefer with Ted Martin, his mechanic. Reg 57.924. Chassis 4212. 6th. Later owned by Walter Magilton and still with its original body. Now owned by Ron Killcullen.
#19 is Jim Skinner. Reg 130.582. Chassis 4211. 4th. Now owned by Geoff Broadhead in N.Z.
#20 is Jack Clements. Reg 161.060. Chassis 4416. 3rd. Now owned by Richard Gregory.
#21 is Les Murphy before he upgraded to P types with mechanic Bert Golding. Notice how his car is more stripped than the others. Chassis 4112. Unfortunately he had problems on the first lap and came home 8th. Now owned by John Byrne.
Magilton collection. 

Maybe the start of a rally in Melbourne. Here is a PA chassis 1429 probably fitted with a Charlie Aspinal body (note the typically Aspinal windscreen mounts). This car was imported by Lanes Motors and sold to John Dugdale in 1935. By the 1980's it was being restored by Tim Ingham of Ballarat who sold it to Walter Magilton as a two tone cream and dark green doorless car with cycleguards. 1429 now resides in Western Australia. Does anybody have information on John Dugdale? - Magilton Collection.
This is J3 chassis 3763. Before being exported to Australia this car was modified at the factory with bigger brakes and an outside exhaust, consequently it was believed for many years that this car was a factory J4. This could be at Phillip Island with George Martin at the wheel. George was one of the importers for Britannia Motors who sometimes entered their own MG teams in Victorian races. I also have a rear view showing the registration number 87.338 which was cancelled in August 1934.- Magilton Collection
This is NE chassis 0516. Originally built for the 1934 Ulster Tourist Trophy when a ban on superchargers prevented a repeat performance of the K3 victory from the previous year. This was taken at Rob Roy on the 2nd of May 1948 and it is surprising to see that a supercharger has apparently been fitted for John Barraclough who achieved second in class with a time of 34.10 seconds. On the same day Tony Gaze crashed the Alta into what is now known as "Gaze's Gully". Later 0516 was rebuilt with a shiny new aluminium body by Bill Lockington and Rod Robertson. She now resides in Germany. - Morrie Chambers Collection.
Here are the two Australian NEs together in Melbourne in 1964, having both just been restored with much of the work done by Rod Robertson who used to race a modified TB.
Chassis 0520 is the white car. This was driven by George Eyston in the 1934 Ulster T.T. and later became part of the Bellevue Garages team. Both NEs were imported by John Sherwood in the late 1930s and both were driven by John Barraclough in major events. Fred Gray owned 0520 when this photo was taken and later Lance Dixon would have it on display in his Doncaster showrooms. Now part of the Peter Briggs collection W.A.
Chassis 0516 is believed to have been a practice car for the 1934 Ulster T.T. and before Bill Lockington acquired the car it was painted blue and had a Talbot engine. She was restored with an aluminium body and now resides in Germany. - Magilton Collection. 
This is a PA chassis # 1427 fitted with a streamlined tail by Charlie Aspinal for Les Murphy to drive in the pre-war Grands Prix. This photo was taken on June 12th, 1950 at Balcombe when the car was owned by Phil Harrison and fitted with a Vauxhall engine. In the 1960's Walter Magilton purchased 1427 and refitted a P type engine and radiator surround. Now owned and restored by Graeme Steinfort and still appearing on race tracks over 70 years later. - Morrie Chambers Collection.
Here is Tim Jackson's J3 (J3771) competing in the New Years Day Centenary 300 race at Phillip Island in 1935. The driver is Bernie Horsley with his brother Jack as the brave riding mechanic. In 1993 Jack gave a talk at one of our Pre War nights. In this event they retired with a sheared blower drive, possibly caused by the flexing of the chassis on this very rough circuit.
Bill Benett collection
Here we are in the pits at the old Phillip Island circuit. It is the 27th of October 1934 and the competitors are getting ready for the Victorian Centenary Grand Prix. On the left is a J3, number 10 being driven by the Horsley brothers, Bernie and Jack. They imported J3771 only weeks before and it was registered 198.657 on the 13th of October. On the right is another J3 (J3776), number 8 to be driven by Ces' Warren. His Aspinall bodied car finished 7th (whatever happened to this car?). Bernie Horsley sold his car to Hugh Syme who competed in several races with Tom Hollinrake as driver. Today it is being enthusiastically restored and researched by Tim Jackson.
Bill Benett collection.

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