M.G. J2 4417  


Chassis No.:







 Maxwell Hobson


Year of Production:



Original Engine No:


Current Engine No: 1747A

Current Reg:

Date acquired: 2014


This J2 arrived in Melbourne in May 1933 with three other J2ís, 4414, 4415, 4416

and was  delivered to Lanes Motors and then to motor dealers British Sports Cars in



It was the fourth last J2 assembled.  The last J2 being 4420, which was assembled in

December 1933.


Don Smyth purchased the chassis and a trailer full of bits which proved to be liberally laced with TC parts and embarked upon a massive restoration. 


He was fortunate to obtain a gear box in pieces, a block and a lot more bits from Graeme Jackson, plus a lot of help and encouragement from Glenn Bishop. 

The restoration has taken 4 1⁄2 years and was completed just prior to the Beechworth event..