The Pre-War MG Register of Australia was established in 1965 by a group of Melbourne-based enthusiasts catalysed into action by Walter Magilton who convened the Registerís first meeting.  Initially operating under the auspices of the MG Car Club, Victoria, the Register provided a framework for the activities of owners of Pre-War MGs who were also members of the Victorian club, but at the same time, conscious of the need to keep track of historically important Pre-War MGs, Magilton began the development of a national Pre-War MG register.   

 The aims of the Register are to:

  1. Keep owners and cars in contact with each other.
  2. Help locate whole vehicles, spares etc.
  3. Provide a means of enabling owners to get technical help if necessary.
  4. Provide an access to the existing registers in England for those who have eligible vehicles.
  5. Provide a means of finding suitable buyers or sellers of parts or vehicles, etc.
  6. Help owners maintain their vehicles in a manner worthy of the marque and provide some suitable sporting events for those who  wish to compete against other vehicles of a similar age and type.

 In 1999, with the new Millennium just around the corner, the Registerís executive, Tony Sloan (registrar), Ed Taylor (editor) and Walter Magilton (captain), in consultation with members, decided that a concerted effort should be made to raise the Registerís profile as a national association.  The operations of the Newsletter were moved to the National Capital, Canberra, and Pre-War MG owners Malcolm Robertson and Brian Oxley took over the editorial role from the first issue in 2000.  One of their first actions was to enrol correspondents from each State and from New Zealand to give the Newsletter a national flavour.  Walter Magilton remained in his familiar figurehead role, now styled as Patron, and Tony Sloan remained keeper of the Register.

Biannual Pre-war MG gathering.
 As the appeal of the new national focus grew, so too did a ground-swell of interest in a biennial national gathering exclusively for Pre-War MG owners.  The first of these, organised by members from Victoria, was held in 2005 at the Victorian country town of Beechworth and attracted sixty Pre-War MGs from all over Australia.  A fourth Beechworth meeting was held in 2011. Following the retirement of Jennie and Graeme Jackson, the 2013 and 2015 event was held at Bathurst NSW.

The Newsletter
 The Registerís Newsletter, currently published three times a year, is a key element in ensuring that the Registerís Aims are achieved.  The content for the Newsletter is sourced from regular reports from correspondents who represent and report on activities in the main regions of Australia.  Each edition also has at least one feature article, some re-printed from UK or US Pre-War MG associations, while the balance of space is made up from letters to the editor, historical information, technical articles and the usual editorial lead-in columns and tail-end For Sale and Wanted advertisements.  Progress scores towards the annual Kimber Award are also presented

It is current editorial policy to provide a cover photo depicting a Pre-War MG in an historical setting.  The Register also takes no paid advertising, and the editors encourage contributions from the membership, especially researched features which add to the historical record.

 Because of its important Australian historical content, the Newsletter is a registered serial with the National Library of Australia.

The Register
The Register of Pre-War MGs is maintained by Registrar Tony Sloan who produces a printed copy biennially.  All known Pre-War MGs in Australia are recorded in the Register (unless an owner specifically requests exclusion) and entries are collated according to model (by chassis number) and State location.  Each carís condition is also recorded.  The Register currently contains details of some 400 known Pre-War MGs. Cars that are recorded on the register are passed on to the Webmaster who includes them in the web database.

Owners of Pre-War MGs are all ďmembersĒ of the fraternity that is the Pre-War MG Register of Australia.  Where known, details of their car(s) will be held on the Registerís database and, unless requested otherwise, will appear in the published Register booklet and website.  However, owners do not receive the Newsletter unless they have joined the Register by paying the joining fee and their annual subscription to the Newsletter.

 Anyone with an interest in Pre-War MGs can also join the Register by paying a nominal joining fee and subscribing to the Newsletter.

 To join the Register, please print out the application form and return it with your remittance to Tony Sloan at the address on the form.  The Register is currently unable to accept credit card transactions, but even in this electronic age, other forms of remittance are still available, such as cheques, postal order, Paypal and cash.  The Register happily accepts these. 

DOWNLOAD A Pre-War  MG Register renewal and Application form.


Malcolm Robertson - Editor
 Malcolm Robertson has owned MGs since 1967.  His first Pre-War MG was a 1932 J2 which he bought in 1971 and campaigned vigorously for several years until his interests migrated across to the SVW range.  In 1975 he bought an SA with Australian coachwork by Martin and King in Melbourne.  This unique car has held his attention to the current day while other MGs have come and gone around him. 

 Malcolm is a freelance writer specialising in magazine articles about veteran, vintage and classic cars and the antics of their owners.  He publishes his articles in a wide range of magazines in Australia, the UK and USA.  He has been co-editor with Brian Oxley of the Pre-War MG Registerís Newsletter since 2000.

 Malcolm is a life member of the MG Car Club Canberra.

Walter Magilton - Patron

I am proud, indeed very proud, to associate with the marque MG Ė the cars, the people, the history, the events, the whole glorious thing! MGs have been part of my life now for some forty-nine years, my first MG being a nearly new MG TF, my most recent a new ZR160 bought two years ago at the fire sale when MG Rover went belly-up. My first Pre-War MG came my way about 44 years ago Ė my dear old NA Magnette, still my most treasured car.

Walter is a life member of the Victorian MG Car Club.

Tony Sloan - Registrar
The position of Registrar is obviously a long term one with Tony taking the task on in 1977 from Alan Bail who was only the second Registrar - the original having been Walter Magilton.

Tonyís lifetime interest in Pre-War MGís began in 1958 when he bought TA2676 which he renovated extensively. It is a source of embarrassment to him that TA2676 is not on the Register despite considerable research.
After a succession of other cars including MGís of later varieties and his other love, Rileys, he bought PA1299 as a basket case and restored it in the late 1970ís.
In 2005 Tony was able to acquire the Noel Dwyer PA/Riley 9 Special and restoration is progressing well.

Tony lives in Warrandyte in Victoria and is always happy to have visits from other Register members for a coffee or something stronger and a chat.

If you own a prewar MG and it is not on the register or the details need updating Tony is your man please email Tony at  aj.sloan@bigpond.com

Ray Fowler - Patron
We now have a new Patron to fill the spot left by the death of Allan Tomlinson. Ray Fowler's name will be familiar to us all as he has been a member of the Register for several years and has featured in our newsletter pages. Particularly when we wrote up his J2 Special.

He was guest speaker at the 2013 Bathurst Biennial Meeting where, despite his modesty about his exploits on the Mount in the 1950s, he neverthe-less enthralled his audience with the sheer driving skill, mechanical talent and outright bravery needed to race in those far off, pre-commercial days.

It was following our Bathurst meeting that several of our number raised the possibility of Ray becoming a Patron of the Pre-War MG Register and so it has come about. On your behalf, We welcome Ray to the position and look forward to bringing you more of his tall tales and true of the legendary past.

All owners of Pre-War MGs in Australia are automatically members of the Pre-War MG Register of Australia and their cars are recorded on our Register.  However, to receive our 24-page Newsletters, you must officially join the Register and subscribe.


Anyone can subscribe.  You donít have to be a Pre-War MG owner!  If you have an interest in Pre-War MGs, why not subscribe to the Australian Pre-War MG Registerís Newsletter.  There are three a year (March, July and November) and they are full of fascinating historical, technical and contemporary information.

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