Allen Norton (motorcycle)

Allen Norton is a defunct British company that supplied replicas of 350 and 500 cc Norton Manx road racing motorcycles.[1][2] The company was run by Bernie Allen in Great Bedwyn, Marlborough, Wiltshire.[3]

The company started to build replicas of the famous Norton Manx racers in 1990,[1] based on the final 1961 Manx.[4] Allen had been given the rights in 1989 after the death of Norton tuner Ray Petty and had received special permission to use the name "Norton" in England.[1]

Except for the magnetos, all the components used were of new manufacture.[3] The engines were supplied by Summerfield Engineering of Derbyshire,[1][4] the frames came from Goodman Engineering and were made from Reynolds 531 tubing.[4] The machines were fitted with a 5 speed gearbox[4] and a belt primary drive.[3] (The originals used a 4 speed gearbox and chain primary drive.)[5] Although the original Manx machines were pure racers, Allen fitted a speedo, horn and brake light so the machines could be ridden on the road.[3]

The machines were renown for their quality.[1] Former Norton race engineer and designer Doug Hele commented on the Allen machines "They are better than when we made them".[4]

Production numbers were low. Allen delivered the first machine in 1992, but was only able to build 1 every 2 weeks. He was 61 years old at the time.[3] In 1994, the manufacturing rights passed to Preston, Lancashire engineer, Andy Molnar.[6]


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