Dupont Industries

A Dupont Trolley Champlain 1608 bus in Kingston, NY.

Dupont Industries, Inc. was a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture and rebuilding of buses. Based in Quebec City, it had been in business for over 60 years.

Most of Dupont's clients were in Canada and the United States.


Model Type Years Notes
Victoria transit bus General Motors Diesel Division Buses RTS rebuild
Cartier / Classic transit bus 2004-2005 / 1985-2005 GMDD/MCI/Nova Bus Classic rebuild
Frontenac 1672 trolley bus 2002 using Thomas Dennis Company LLC SLF35 chassis
HOX Champlain 1608 trolley bus 2002-2004 uses Thomas Blue Bird Ultra LF chassis
MVP EF Champlain 1608 low-floor/CNG trolley bus 2004 uses Thomas/NovaBus LFS chassis
Q FE mini double decker tour bus 1998, 2007 uses Blue Bird CS bus chassis
C37 suburban coach 2000-2002 uses MCI G-series or E-series chassis
Coach 35 short coach 2000 uses MCI 102D-series chassis
TNG truck based coach with trailer 2009-2010 uses Kenworth T-800 cab/chassis