Herbert Linge

Herbert Linge with Porsche 904
at the Nürburgring 1964

Herbert Linge (born 11 June 1928, in Weissach)[1] is a German former racing and rally driver. As an employee of Porsche,[2] he was involved in many events, and later also in motorsport safety.

He took part in many 24 Hours of Le Mans races in the 1960s,[3] even with a Porsche 917. He became famous for being the co-driver of Hans Herrmann in the 1954 Mille Miglia, when their low Porsche 550 passed under a closed railroad crossing, with both ducking under the dashboard. In 1960, Linge won the Tour de Corse rally in a Porsche SC 90. He is still the only German to win the event.

The Deutscher Motor Sport Bund's DMSB-Staffel, founded in 1972 by Linge for the Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde as ONS-Staffel, is considered the first mobile track Marshalling crew, equipped with fast cars like the Porsche 914 or Porsche 911, carrying fire extinguishers and doctors in order to arrive quickly at a crash site.


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