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Interstate Van Lines is an American moving company founded by in 1943, and is still led by members of the Morissette family. It is based in Springfield, Virginia[1] and handles storage and shipping for corporate and government clients, including AOL, Hewlett Packard and the US military.[2] It is a subsidiary of Interstate Worldwide, a group company consisting of several other divisions which by 2009 was, amongst other things, responsible for the carriage of US$1 billion of computer equipment annually.[3]


Arthur E. Morrissette started the business at a cost of US$450 when he left the Navy Department in 1943. The original name was Ace Van & Storage, based in south-east Washington, D.C.; the present name was used from 1967, when the company also introduced its "Top Hat" logo. For 29 years he fronted the company's radio and television commercials. He died on 24 April 1996, having resigned from his role in the company in 1993.[4][5]

Subsequent members of the Morrissette family who have been involved with the company include at least two who have been its president, Arthur E. Morrissette Jr.[6] and John D. Morrissette.[7]


In 1998 the company had been awarded a US$40.7 million contract from Military Traffic Management Command for transport services.[8]

As at 2010 the company has a labor turnover figure of around 50%: with a total workforce of over 200, this equates to 100 job vacancies at any time due to workers leaving.[2]

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration data shows that at February 2011 the company had 74 power units and 99 drivers.[9] Previously, in 1999, it had 225 power units,[10] and in 2004 the number had been 126.[11]


Interstate was accredited by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on December 22, 2010 in a deal which involved ICE offering free training. The accreditation recognizes that the company maintains systems to deter the employment of illegal workers. As at December 2010 there were already more than 100 companies accredited under this new scheme, known as IMAGE.[2] Interstate had introduced mandatory urine testing for drugs in 1984.[12]

A press release issued by the company in 2009 announced that it was one of the winners of a National Defense Transportation Quality Award and that this was the eighth time it had been so recognised, The award was for implementing systems for dealing with Department of Defense commissions for the relocation of personnel based around Puget Sound, of which around 500 had been dealt with in the year 2008.[13]

The company was also awarded the American Moving & Storage Association's first Independent Mover of the Year Award, for 2007.[14]

Springfield has been a campaign stop for Republican election candidates.[15] Interstate hosted a rally held by John McCain, Republican presidential nominee and his running mate, Sarah Palin in 2008.[16] In 1996 it had hosted a similar event for GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole.[17]

Court case

In March 2010, a Fairfax, Virginia jury ruled against Interstate Van Lines for wrongful allegations of theft that put a former Interstate driver in jail for 34 days, awarding the ex-employee $50,000 for malicious prosecution, $200,000 for false imprisonment and $340,000 in punitive damages.[7]


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