The Miami International Autodrome is a planned racing circuit around the Hard Rock Stadium and its private facilities in the Miami suburb of Miami Gardens, Florida. The track is due to be 3.362 miles (5.411 km) long and feature 19 corners with an average speed of 138 mph (222 km/h). The track was specifically designed for the Miami Grand Prix, which was placed on the 2022 Formula One World Championship calendar.[1][2][3][4]


The track had been proposed as early as October 2019 with an initial design at the venue, with up to 75 circuit designs having been considered, and 36 being simulated.[1][5] The stadium's owner, Stephen Ross, had been attempting to attract Formula One for several years before the initial design was published.[6] Organizers for the Grand Prix at the Hard Rock Stadium had an agreement in principle to host a race from 2021, but this was delayed.[7][8] Miami Gardens commissioners had initially voted against the track's creation, but this was reversed on April 14, 2021.[9] On September 2, 2021, the track was officially named the "Miami International Autodrome".[10]


This circuit, which will be within the private Hard Rock Stadium facility will use all new and existing roads within the private facility, with the new permanent asphalt pathways that the circuit will use being integrated into the Hard Rock Stadium facility. The circuit is a temporary-type circuit, and it will not use any public streets that are located around the private facility. A few weeks before the race, the facility will be converted over for the race weekend, with the circuit and its safety features being put together just for the race weekend. Once the race weekend is over, the circuit will be disassembled and the Hard Rock Stadium facility will be converted back to normal.


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