The Motor

The Motor (later, just Motor) was a British weekly car magazine founded on 28 January 1903 and published by . It was initially launched as Motorcycling and Motoring in 1902 before the title was shortened.[1][dead link] From the March 14, 1964 issue the magazine name was simply Motor. Compared to rival The Autocar (later, just Autocar), Motor was more informative and more conservative.

The magazine usually included:

  • News and scoops of latest cars
  • Motorsport news and results
  • Car reviews-normally two, both 2 pages long with specifications and impressions.
  • Road tests-one per week and very detailed

In 1988 the journal was absorbed by its long-standing rival Autocar, which became, from the September 7 issue, Autocar & Motor. Six years later, with the September 21, 1994 issue, the name reverted to Autocar.


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