CR-8000 is a PCB design suite launched by Japanese EDA vendor Zuken in 2011.[1] Developed to serve the needs of multi-board level design CR-8000 is a next generation replacement for CR-5000 that was originally focused on single-board design.[2] CR-8000 makes use of new technology including the integration of a tablet as an input device and the use of native 3D layout and actual 64-bit architecture.[3] The CR-8000 family features four modules – System Planner; Design Gateway; Design Force; and DFM Center. These modules cover initial system planning, detailed schematic and pcb design; and optimized manufacturing output.[4]


  • System Planner: A system-level design environment for upfront planning and partitioning of electronics systems.
  • Design Gateway: Platform for logical circuit design and verification of single and multi-board system-level electronic designs.
  • Design Force: A complete system on package and board design and analysis solution.[5]
  • DFM Center: A manufacturing preparation and output solution supporting panelization and common output formats

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