DesignSpark Mechanical

DesignSpark Mechanical is a free 3D CAD (computer-aided design) solid modeling software

DesignSpark Mechanical enables users to solid model in a 3D environment and create files for use with 3D printers. Using the approach, it allows for unlimited and frequent design changes using an intuitive set of tools. This free 3D CAD software is offered as a payment free download, but requires a one-time registration with to receive the latest community news and product promotions.

If you are a mechanical engineer who wants to create engineering drawings you will also need DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing, which is not free.[2]


DesignSpark Mechanical is based on the SpaceClaim Engineer application and is the product of a collaboration between RS Components and SpaceClaim Corporation. An introductory brochure is available here. The goal to offer a free 3D CAD software with many features of high-end software is to engage with those who perhaps do not require or who cannot afford premium branded 3D CAD software, such as Engineering Students or small businesses.

Rapid prototyping

DesignSpark Mechanical supports the idea of Rapid Prototyping through SpaceClaim's 3D direct modelling methodology using the Pull, Move, Fill and Combine tools that allow a user to interact with digital 3D objects like modelling with clay, all available in the free 3D CAD version.

3D CAD library

3D models for more than 45,000 products from the RS catalog are available for download within the software[3]

Add-on modules

Paid add-on modules are available and provide functionality for the free 3D CAD DesignSpark Mechanical software, such as full support of two popular 3D file formats (Export and import file type: STEP & IGES) and an associative drawing environment, adding many functions such as cosmetic Threading, GD&T, Annotations and more.[4][2]

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