Past event - Not the Natmeet, Easter 2021

The M.G.C.C. Vic made two attempts to hold a National Meeting based in Albury.  The event for 2020 was cancelled due to lockdowns and travel bans.  It was rescheduled to be held using the same venues in 2021 but again travel bans between certain states caused so much uncertainty that cancellation was the only option.

After some of the bans were lifted members of the Victorian and Sydney clubs decided to travel to Albury for a social gathering to support the venues and accommodation operators that had suffered losses due to the cancellations.

A Pre-war team headed by the Jacksons had planned the Kimber Run for the Natmeet and this event was run unofficially as a social run.

The images below supplied by Andrew Fock capture some of the cars.  Click on the thumbnails to expand.