The 1939 National League Division Two was the second season of British speedway's National League Division Two. The season was never completed, due to the outbreak of World War II.[1]


As with the previous season, there were several team changes. Southampton Saints had moved up to the National League and Bristol Bulldogs had moved down to take their place. Other new entrants were Crystal Palace Glaziers, Stoke and Middlesbrough. Absentees from the end of the previous season were Lea Bridge, West Ham Hawks (West Ham's reserve team), Birmingham (Hall Green) and Leeds Lions.

Newcastle were leading the league at the point of abandonment. Middlesbrough resigned after 8 matches, Crystal Palace Glaziers after 10 matches and Stoke after 14 matches. Belle Vue Aces provided a team to complete Stoke's fixtures.

Uncompleted table Division Two

The season was incomplete due to the outbreak of World War II. Uncompleted table on September 1.

Team PL W D L Pts
Newcastle Diamonds 15 10 0 5 20
Hackney Wick Wolves 13 7 0 6 14
Sheffield 8 6 0 2 12
Norwich Stars 12 6 0 6 12
Bristol 14 5 0 9 10
Stoke Potters + Belle Vue Reserves* 14 4 0 10 8

Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace Glaziers withdrew mid-season and their records were expunged.

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