Layout of the Warwick Farm Raceway (1960-1973)

The 1968 Australian Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title open to Group C Improved Production Touring Cars.[1] It was contested over a single race staged at the Warwick Farm circuit in New South Wales, Australia on 8 September 1968. The title, which was the ninth Australian Touring Car Championship, was won by Ian Geoghegan driving a Ford Mustang. It was the final Australian Touring Car Championship held as a single race, with the title being contested over a series of races from 1969 onwards.[2]


Ian Geoghegan qualified on pole position, half a second faster than Norm Beechey who was now driving a Chevrolet Camaro SS. Bob Jane was third on the grid, with Jim McKeown and Peter Manton rounding out the top five. Geoghegan won the start and took the lead into the first corner ahead of Beechey and Jane, with the latter two almost touching halfway through the first lap. McKeown retired on lap 3 with a broken rear axle. Ian Dawson spun on the following lap while Nick Petrilli lost a wheel; a lap later Rod Coppins slowed with a loose exhaust.[2]

Jane's engine blew on lap 9, leaving Beechey as the sole challenger to Geoghegan. Fred Gibson's pit crew displayed a sign reading 'Jane in' to inform him of Jane's retirement, but Gibson misread the sign. He slowed on the following lap and pitted, losing six positions in the process. Beechey retired on lap 12 with mechanical problems, while Foley followed suit on the next lap. This left Geoghegan with a lead of twenty seconds over Paul Fahey and Manton.[2]

Fahey retired on lap 22, while Gibson had been making his way back through the field. Manton ran into problems on lap 28, allowing the Porsche 911 of Alan Hamilton into second and the Morris Cooper S of Darrell King into third. King attempted to close the gap to Hamilton, but collided with Graham Ryan and backed off to settle for third place. However, on the final lap, Hamilton went off the circuit and damaged a rear guard, folding it onto the tyre. King went through into second and finished over ninety seconds behind race winner Geoghegan, while Hamilton brought his car home with a blown tyre for third.[2]


The Ford Mustang with which Ian Geoghegan won the championship. The car is pictured in 2013 in different specification.

Class winners are indicated by bold text.

Pos. Class No. Driver Entrant Car Laps Time/Retired
1 Over 3000cc 1 Australia Ian Geoghegan The Mustang Team Ford Mustang 34 59:06.8
2 1101–1500cc 26 Australia Darrell King D. King Morris Cooper S 34 +1:31.0
3 1501–2000cc 19 Australia Alan Hamilton Porsche Distributors (Aust./N.Z.) Pty Ltd Porsche 911 34 +2:07.0
4 Over 3000cc 2 Australia Fred Gibson N.E. Allen Competition Pty Ltd Ford Mustang 33 +1 lap
5 Up to 1100cc 9 Australia Laurie Stewart Brian Foley Motors Morris Cooper S 33 +1 lap
6 Up to 1100cc 30 Australia John Millyard Martinz Place Morris Cooper S 33 +1 lap
7 1101–1500cc 12 Australia Peter Manton Peter Manton Racing Morris Cooper S 33 +1 lap
8 1101–1500cc 32 Australia Graeme Spence K. Townsend Austin Cooper S 33 +1 lap
9 Up to 1100cc 29 Australia John Humphrey Humphreys Golden Fleece Service Station Austin Cooper S 33 +1 lap
10 Over 3000cc 17 Australia Bryan Thomson Bryan Thomson Racing Ford Mustang 32 +2 laps
11 Up to 1100cc 37 Australia Richard Thurston A.M.I. Racing Team Toyota Corolla 31 +3 laps
12 2001–3000cc 23 Australia Herb Taylor H.E. Taylor Holden EH 28 +6 laps
13 2001–3000cc 24 Australia Graham Ryan Graham Ryan Auto Repairs Holden EH 28 +6 laps
Ret Over 3000cc 35 New Zealand Ian Dawson I.W. (Red) Dawson Ford Mustang 23 Tyres
Ret Over 3000cc 6 New Zealand Paul Fahey P.B. Fahey Ford Mustang 21 Gearbox
Ret 1101–1500cc 11 Australia Phil Barnes Phil Barnes Motor Service Morris Cooper S 19
Ret 1101–1500cc 28 Australia Fred Seery F.R. Seery Morris Cooper S 15
Ret 1101–1500cc 8 Australia Brian Foley Brian Foley Motors Pty Ltd Morris Cooper S 12 Mechanical
Ret 1501–2000cc 16 Australia Chris Brauer C.D. Brauer Ford Cortina Mark I Lotus 12 Steering
Ret Over 3000cc 4 Australia Norm Beechey Norm Beechey Chevrolet Camaro SS 11 Mechanical
Ret 1101–1500cc 20 Australia Don Holland Don Holland Motors Morris Cooper S 8
Ret Over 3000cc 3 Australia Bob Jane Bob Jane's Autoland Ford Mustang 8 Camshaft
Ret 1101–1500cc 33 Australia Barrie Broomhall Barrie Broomhall Motors Morris Cooper S 6
Ret Over 3000cc 10 New Zealand Rod Coppins R. Coppins Ford Mustang 6 Exhaust
Ret 1101–1500cc 27 Australia Bruce Jones Bruce A. Jones Morris Cooper S 4
Ret 2001–3000cc 21 Australia Nick Petrilli N. Petrilli Holden EH 3 Wheel
Ret 1501–2000cc 7 Australia Jim McKeown Jim McKeown Motors Ford Cortina Mark II Lotus 2 Axle
Ret 1101–1500cc 38 Australia Howie Sangster H.G. Sangster Morris Cooper S 1
Ret 2001–3000cc 22 Australia Martin Chenery M.R. Chenery Holden EH 0
Ret Up to 1100cc 36 Australia Bob Morris Bill Buckle Autos Toyota Corolla 0


  • Pole position: Ian Geoghegan, 1:42.8[5]
  • Fastest lap: Ian Geoghegan, 1:43.0[2]
  • Race distance: 34 laps, 123.08 km[2]
  • Average speed: 124.93 km/h[2]


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