The Conference League Four-Team Championship was an annual motorcycle speedway contest between teams competing in the Conference League in the United Kingdom. Eight teams consisting of four riders from each team are placed in two qualifying groups, and one rider from each team competes in each race. The winners and second place of each group compete for the Championship in the final.[1]


Year Winners 2nd place 3rd place 4th place
2003 Rye House Raiders Mildenhall Fen Tigers Boston Barracudas
2004 Mildenhall Fen Tigers
Wimbledon Dons
none Stoke Spitfires
2005 Weymouth Wildcats Oxford Cheetahs Armadale Devils Boston Barracudas
2006 Stoke Spitfires Plymouth Devils Mildenhall Fen Tigers Scunthorpe Scorpions
2007 Scunthorpe Scorpions Plymouth Devils Weymouth Wildcats Buxton Hitmen
2008 Weymouth Wildcats Redcar Cubs Sittingbourne Crusaders Scunthorpe Saints

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