The German Kart Championship is a kart racing series based in Germany, event ruled and organized by the Deutscher Motor Sport Bund.

The series is held annually on the most modern and largest outdoor karting tracks in Germany. The German Kart Championship is divided into four classifications: German Kart Championship (DKM), German Challenger Kart Championship (DCKM), German Junior Kart Championship (DJKM) and German Switching Kart Championship (DSKM).


Season Category
KF1 Challenger (KF2) Junior (KF3) DKC/DSKM/DSKC/DMSB
1962 Germany
1963 Germany
1964 Germany
1965 Germany
1966 Germany
1967 Germany
1968 Germany Hans Heyer
1969 Germany Hans Heyer
1970 Germany Hans Heyer
1971 Germany Hans Heyer
1972 Germany
1973 Germany
1974 Germany
1975 Germany Manfred Schneider
1976 Germany Manfred Schneider
1977 Germany
1978 Germany
1979 Germany Jörg van Ommen
1980 Germany Stefan Bellof
1981 Germany
1982 Germany
1983 Germany
1984 Germany
1985 Germany
1986 Denmark
1987 Germany Michael Schumacher
1988 Germany
1989 Germany Germany Arnd Meier
1990 Germany Arnd Meier Austria Oliver Tichy
1991 Germany Germany
1992 Germany Germany
1993 Germany Germany
1994 Germany Germany Timo Scheider
1995 Germany Germany Timo Bernhard
1996 Germany Germany Frank Diefenbacher
1997 Germany Germany Marc Walz
1998 Germany Germany
1999 Finland Toni Vilander Poland Robert Kubica
2000 Finland Germany Mario Josten
2001 Germany Germany Sebastian Vettel
2002 Germany Germany Nico Hülkenberg
2003 Germany Nico Hülkenberg Netherlands Henkie Waldschmidt
2004 Germany Germany Marco Wittmann
2005 Germany Netherlands Nigel Melker Germany
2006 Denmark Michael Christensen Netherlands Germany
2007 Denmark Michael Christensen Germany United Kingdom Belgium
2008 Netherlands United Kingdom Netherlands Nyck de Vries Belgium
2009 Denmark Germany Netherlands Nyck de Vries Belgium
2010 Denmark Denmark France
2011 Germany Marvin Kirchhöfer Norway Dennis Olsen Netherlands
2012 Norway Dennis Olsen Germany Netherlands
2013 Germany Netherlands Belgium
2014 Netherlands Germany David Beckmann Belgium
2015 Netherlands Richard Verschoor Netherlands Bent Viscaal Germany
2016 Finland Norway Dennis Hauger Netherlands
2017 Norway Dennis Hauger Netherlands Netherlands
2018 United Kingdom Netherlands Italy
2019 United Kingdom Netherlands Netherlands (DSKM)
Netherlands (DSKC)
2020 Finland Netherlands Germany (DMSB)


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