Holden Young Lions was a brand used by Australian motor vehicle manufacturer Holden for its young racing driver development program. First appearing in 1997, the program was operated by a number of teams over the years.

Year Parent Team Car Drivers
1997 Holden Racing Team Holden VS Commodore #97 Jason Bargwanna
#97 Mark Noske
#97 Stephen White
#97 Todd Kelly (test driver)
1998 Gibson Motorsport Holden VS Commodore #2 Steven Ellery[1]
1999 Noske Racing Holden VS Commodore #15 Todd Kelly
#99 Mark Noske
2000 Holden Racing Team Holden VT Commodore #15 Todd Kelly
2001 Romano Racing Holden VX Commodore #24 Paul Romano
2002 Holden Racing Team Holden VX Commodore #02 Rick Kelly
2003 John Faulkner Racing Holden VX Commodore #46 Dale Brede
#96 Tony D'Alberto[2]
2004 John Faulkner Racing Holden VX Commodore #46 Michael Caruso
#46 Alan Gurr
#96 Kurt Wimmer[3]

In 2014 the Holden Young Lions brand was used by Holden as part of a golf education program.[4]

Super2 Drivers

The List of following drivers have race for the team in the Super2 Series, In order from first appearance. Drivers who drove for the team on a part-time basis are listed in italics


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