The Plymouth Gladiators (formerly Plymouth Devils) are a speedway team in the British National League. The club was reformed after a gap of thirty-six years in 2006 by former St Austell Gulls rider Mike Bowden[1] but folded again in 2016.[2] The club was reformed for 2017 in the National League.


Plymouth's original home was Pennycross Stadium. This stadium was used in the pre-World War II era and re-opened in 1947 when the Devils raced in the National League Division Three. Apart from short spells in the Second Division the team operated at this level until 1954. The track re-opened for a couple of years in the Provincial League 1961 (as the Plymouth Bulldogs) and 1962. It re-opened 1968 and had spells in the British League Division Two.

Temporary planning permission was awarded for a new speedway track in 2006,[3] but in August 2007 the club was granted full planning permission.[4]


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2018 team

  • England Ellis Perks
  • England Henry Atkins
  • England Tim Webster
  • England Richard Andrews
  • New Zealand Ryan Terry-Daley
  • England Kelsey Dugard
  • England Macauley Leek

Also rode in 2018

  • England Adam Sheppard
  • England Adam Roynon
  • England James Cockle
  • New Zealand Bradley Andrews

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