The Premier League Pairs Championship is a motorcycle speedway contest between the top two riders from each club competing in the Premier League in the UK. The meetings comprise ten teams of two riders drawn into two qualifying groups.


Gate positions

In the Qualification Heats, riders are allocated starting gates. For the Semi-Finals, the group winners have first choice of gate positions (A&C or B&D). Gate A is on the inside of the track, whilst Gate D is on the outside. For the Final, the gate positions (A&C and B&D) are decided by the toss of a coin.

Points scoring

All heats are scored as follows:

  • 1st = 4pts
  • 2nd = 3pts
  • 3rd = 2pts
  • 4th = 0pts

This system is used to encourage team riding. A pair finishing first and second will score seven points, whereas a pair finishing first and last will score only four. Race points scored over all Qualification Heats are used to determine the final group placings.


Where two are tied for a place, the team who scored most points scored in the heat where they met go through. Where more than two teams are tied for a place, the tie is resolved as follows:

  • Most wins
  • Most second places
  • A ballot


Year Winners Runners-up
competition not held
1997 Long Eaton Invaders
(Carl Stonehewer & )
Reading Racers
( & Lee Richardson)
1998 Peterborough Panthers
(Glenn Cunningham & )
Exeter Falcons
( & Michael Coles)
1999 Workington Comets
(Carl Stonehewer & Brent Werner)
Arena Essex Hammers
( & Leigh Lanham)
2000 Workington Comets
(Carl Stonehewer & )
Isle of Wight Islanders
( & Danny Bird)
2001 Workington Comets
(Carl Stonehewer & )
Newcastle Diamonds
( & Bjarne Pedersen)
2002 Isle of Wight Islanders
(Adam Shields & Danny Bird)
Newport Wasps
( & Craig Watson)
2003 Workington Comets
(Carl Stonehewer & Simon Stead)
Newport Wasps
( & Niels Kristian Iversen)
2004 Reading Racers
(Phil Morris & Danny Bird)
Stoke Potters
(Paul Pickering & )
2005 Glasgow Tigers
(Shane Parker & George Stancl)
Somerset Rebels
(Magnus Zetterström & Glenn Cunningham)
2006 Glasgow Tigers
(Shane Parker & Danny Bird)
Sheffield Tigers
(Ben Wilson & Ricky Ashworth)
2007 Isle of Wight Islanders
(Chris Holder & Jason Bunyan)
Glasgow Tigers
(Shane Parker & Craig Watson)
2008 Workington Comets
(Daniel Nermark & Kauko Nieminen)
Somerset Rebels
(Jason Doyle & )
2009 Birmingham Brummies
(Jason Lyons & )
Somerset Rebels
(Steve Johnston & )
2010 Sheffield Tigers
(Ricky Ashworth & Josh Auty)
Birmingham Brummies
(Jason Lyons & Steve Johnston)
2011 Glasgow Tigers
(Joe Screen & James Grieves)
Workington Comets
(James Wright & Rusty Harrison)
2012 Workington Comets
(Adam Roynon & Rene Bach)
Scunthorpe Scorpions
( & Josh Auty)
2013 Somerset Rebels
(Jason Doyle & Josh Grajczonek)
Scunthorpe Scorpions
(David Howe & Josh Auty)
2014 Edinburgh Monarchs
(Max Fricke & Sam Masters)
Somerset Rebels
(Nick Morris & Oliver Allen)
2015 Ipswich Witches
(Danny King & Rohan Tungate)
Somerset Rebels
(Brady Kurtz & Josh Grajczonek)
2016 Somerset Rebels
(Josh Grajczonek & Rohan Tungate)
Edinburgh Monarchs
(Sam Masters & Ryan Fisher)

See also


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