The Premier League Riders Championship is a contest between the top riders (or two riders) with the highest average points total from each club competing in the Premier League in the UK. The championship was inaugurated in 1995, the same year that the Premier League was formed. For its first two years, the Premier League was the top league in Britain. From 1997 it was the second tier after the Elite League was formed.

The competition is currently held at Owlerton Stadium.


Year Winner Team
In 1995 and 1996 the Premier League was the top tier of British speedway
1995 England Gary Havelock Bradford Dukes
1996 United States Sam Ermolenko Sheffield Tigers
From 1997 the Premier League was the second tier of British speedway
1997 Edinburgh Monarchs
1998 Glenn Cunningham Peterborough Panthers
1999 Sean Wilson Sheffield Tigers
2000 Carl Stonehewer Workington Comets
2001 Carl Stonehewer Workington Comets
2002 Adam Shields Isle of Wight Islanders
2003 Sean Wilson Sheffield Tigers
2004 Andre Compton Sheffield Tigers
2005 Sean Wilson Sheffield Tigers
2006 Magnus Zetterström Somerset Rebels
2007 James Wright Workington Comets
2008 Tai Woffinden Rye House Rockets
2009 Ricky Ashworth Sheffield Tigers
2010 Kenni Larsen Newcastle Diamonds
2011 Sam Masters Somerset Rebels
2012 Craig Cook Edinburgh Monarchs
2013 Oliver Allen Rye House Rockets
2014 Simon Stead Sheffield Tigers
2015 Ulrich Ostergaard Peterborough Panthers
2016 Simon Stead Sheffield Tigers
From 2017 it was known as the SGB Championship and remained the second tier of British speedway
2017 Nick Morris Berwick Bandits
2018 Craig Cook Glasgow Tigers
2019 Erik Riss Redcar Bears

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