Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) is an upcoming stock car racing series founded by Tony Stewart, Ray Evernham, Sandy Montag and George Pyne.[1] The formation of the series was announced on July 13, 2020, in advance of a planned 2021 debut and corresponding television contract with CBS Sports.


On July 13, 2020, it was reported that SRX was in preparation for a 2021 debut season. The series' founders included former NASCAR driver and current team owner Tony Stewart, former NASCAR team owner and crew chief Ray Evernham as well as former NASCAR executive George Pyne and sports agent Sandy Montag.[1] Initially, series management was split between New York City and Charlotte, North Carolina.[1]


SRX is said to be aiming for a six-race debut season. It drew direct contrast from NASCAR when aiming for shorter races at shorter tracks, and also with the random pairing of driver and crew chief for each race.[2] Founder Tony Stewart compared it to IROC by comparing the aspects of identical cars and an all-star cast of drivers.[3]


SRX cars will be completely designed by founder Ray Evernham and were in concept stage when the series was founded in July 2020.[4] Teaser photos of the car show it has a high rear spoiler and is said to have high horsepower and low downforce.[5] Fury Race Cars will serve as the cars' chassis designer and builder.[6]


Driver Primary series Accomplishments Announcement date Ref
United States Tony Stewart NASCAR Cup Series 1996-97 IndyCar Series Champion, 2002, 2005, and 2011 NASCAR Cup Series Champion July 13, 2020
Brazil Tony Kanaan IndyCar Series 2004 IndyCar Series Champion, 2013 Indianapolis 500 Winner July 22, 2020 [7]
Canada Paul Tracy IndyCar Series 2003 CART season Champion July 29, 2020 [8]
United States Bobby Labonte NASCAR Cup Series 2000 NASCAR Cup Series Champion August 14, 2020 [9]
Brazil Hélio Castroneves IndyCar Series 2001, 2002, and 2009 Indianapolis 500 Winner August 19, 2020 [10]
United States Willy T. Ribbs Trans-Am Series 1976 Formula Ford Champion September 2, 2020 [11]
Australia Mark Webber Formula One 2015 FIA World Endurance Champion September 9, 2020 [12]
United States Bill Elliott NASCAR Cup Series 1988 NASCAR Cup Series Champion, 1985 and 1987 Daytona 500 Winner October 1, 2020 [13]


Races will primarily be held on half-mile dirt and asphalt short tracks and may feature a road course on the schedule as well.[14]

Race format

Races are planned to last 90 minutes without pit stops, though there is also planned to be a "halftime" for adjustments to be made to the car.[15]


CBS Sports will air the 2021 six-race season in two-hour primetime Saturday night television windows.[16]

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