1913 French Grand Prix

The 1913 French Grand Prix was a Grand Prix motor race held at Amiens on 12 July 1913.

The race

Racing cars at the 1913 French Grand Prix at Amiens

The restriction on Grand Prix cars for 1913 included an 800 kg (1,764 lb) minimum weight and an 1,100 kg (2,425 lb) maximum weight, as well as a 14 mpg‑imp (20 L/100 km; 12 mpg‑US) fuel consumption limit.[1] The buildup to the race and the race itself were marred by three fatal crashes. Bigio was killed testing his Itala before the race. In a separate incident before the race, Paul Zuccarelli was killed when his Peugeot crashed into a cart, and a spectator was killed when Kenelm Lee Guinness's Sunbeam crashed into a river. This made Amiens's fatality tally rise to 5 in the span of less than two months- 2 other people had been killed while testing on the roads being used for the circuit in May. After this race, this circuit- which included an 8-mile (13 km) long straight (which is now known as the D934)- was never used again for motor racing.[2]

Georges Boillot won for the second year in succession, at an average speed of 72.141 mph (116.096 km/h). The fastest lap was set by Paul Bablot, at an average speed of 76.718 mph (123.462 km/h).[3]


Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired
1 8 France Georges Boillot Peugeot EX3 29 7:53:56.8
2 14 France Jules Goux Peugeot EX3 +2:25.6
3 15 France Jean Chassagne Sunbeam +12:23.4
4 2 France Paul Bablot Delage Y +22:16.8
5 10 France Albert Guyot Delage Y +24:02.0
6 9 United Kingdom Dario Resta Sunbeam +27:41.6
7 16 France Th. Schneider +50:40.4
8 5 Belgium Joseph Christiaens Excelsior +1:03:26.8
9 20 France René Thomas Th. Schneider +1:10:15.4
10 6 France Th. Schneider +1:18:55.8
11 11 United Kingdom Excelsior +1:43:43.8
Ret 19 United Kingdom Kenelm Lee Guinness Sunbeam 15 Crash
Ret 17 Italy Itala 13 Spring
Ret 7 Italy Felice Nazzaro Itala 12 Spring
Ret 4 France Dragutin Esser Mathis 8 Valve
Ret 1 France Sunbeam 4 Radius rod
Ret 12 France Th. Schneider 3 Carburettor
Ret 3 Germany Opel 1 Engine
Ret 18 France Delpierre Peugeot EX3 1 Crash
Ret 13 United Kingdom Itala 1 Engine

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