Honda NS500

The Honda NS500 is a 500cc Grand Prix racing motorcycle of the early 1980s, powered by a two-stroke V3 engine. Created as a replacement for the innovative but unsuccessful four-stroke NR500, the bike went against Honda's preference for four-stroke machines but proved very effective and quickly won the 1983 500cc World Championship with Freddie Spencer on board.[1] Spencer was able to use the lower weight and superior handling of the NS500 to achieve higher cornering speeds, and getting on the power earlier leaving corners.[2] Ron Haslam also won the 1983 Macau Grand Prix. After a relatively short lifespan the bike was replaced by the more successful two-stroke, V4 engine powered NSR500.

RS500 customer version

In 1983, Honda introduced a production version of the NS500 called the RS500 for privateer racers.[3] These were very similar to the NS500 machines used by the factory racing team but, lacked the special exhaust system.[3]


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