V20 engine

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A V20 engine is a V engine with 20 cylinders, arranged in two banks of 10.

Engines of this number of cylinders are not found in production cars, but this configuration is used in some diesel locomotives, haul trucks, generators and marine applications.

For example, the 1960s EMD SD45 diesel-electric locomotive is fitted with a 20-cylinder EMD 645E3 two-stroke turbocharged engine. The engine name is based on the displacement of each cylinder in cubic inches. In this case, it is 645 cubic inches (10.6 L) for each of 20 cylinders for a total of 211 L. Power output is 3,600 horsepower (2.7 MW), net for traction,[1][2][3] with the maximum gross power output being closer to 5,000 HP when operated in self-test mode, with the generated output being dissipated by resistors.

EMD produced an upgraded/special version of SD45 later, EMD SD45-2 and EMD SD45T-2, still powered by 20-cylinder EMD 645E3, but EMD SD45-2 had some changes on the rear of the locomotive's long hood,while the EMD SD45T-2 has a locomotive cooling system modifications, known as a "tunnel motor". A 20-cylinder 710 series diesel engine was also built for the EMD SD80MAC locomotive.[4][5] EMD still manufactures these engines, which are primarily used in the power production and marine industries. An EMD 20-710 can produce over 5,000 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz has produced V20 diesel engines used in marine applications. MB 501, MB 511, and the MB 518, that was later produced by MTU, as MB 20 V 672[example needed][citation needed]

Wärtsilä also currently produces V20 engines for use in power plants that can produce 13,500 horsepower (10 MW), for example 20V32. [6]

MTU Friedrichshafen produces a two 20-cylinder diesel engines, the 20V4000, used in marine and rail applications, such as the Brookville BL36PH locomotive, and the bigger Serie 8000, 20V 8000 M91L, producing 13410 Hp at 1150 rpm.

Caterpillar Inc. produces the C175-20, a V20 turbocharged diesel engine, that powers the Caterpillar_797F haul truck and EMD_F125 locomotive. It is also available as part of a generation set.[7]

VEB Motorenwerk, Ludwigsfelde, Produced a copy of the MB 511, known as VEB 20 KVD 25 and also D-2500.


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