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Although now in the hands of an English collector this 18/80 was brought to Australia, restored and driven here by Rod Hiley in Qld.  He kept it for 25 years from 1977 to 2002 then returned it to the UK. Current owner: Keith Herkes, UK. Information: Mk I speed model...

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Current owner:- Col Schiller, Queensland. History: M.G. 18/80 Mark I Speed Model built 12/3/31 The M.G. Car Company ordered approximately twenty five bodies from Carbodies to 1930 international racing specifications intended for use on Mk III chassis, known as 18/100 Tigress. Only five of this model were built so the...

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Current owner:- Peter Partridge, Western Australia History: The photos showing M.G. 18/80 Mk 1, chassis 2FS6268 engine JA8882, are from the Medlen family who have a farm at Williams, south of Perth in the wheat belt and show the first owner of the car, Doug Medlen.  The family claims the...

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Current owner:- Ian Curwen-Walker, South Australia. Information:- Oxford built 1929 History:- Early history unknown. Appeared in South Australia wearing a locally built body.  Registration number SA 168 849. Raced in the 1939 Australian Stock Car Road Championship, Lobethal, S.A., driven by Selwyn R. Haig (race result unknown).  The car was...

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Current owner:-  Col Schiller, Queensland. History:  UK Registration UV8692,  Ex York Motor Museum First registered on October 9, 1929 this car still wears its original UK license plate, UV8692 and carries its original Carbodies body numbered 6257. Very little of its early history is known but the car did appear...

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Current owner:- Cuthbert Family, Victoria. History:-  This 14/40 with Carbodies coachwork was bought by garage proprietor Neil Cuthbert circa 1958. Neil restored it to near original condition and used it enthusiastically in M.G.C.C. events. Neil passed away in the 1980s and the Cuthbert Family retained the vehicle. Although it is...

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Current owner:- Col Schiller, Queensland History: The car was restored during the 60s and 70s.  Col Schiller acquired from Ron Button, the fourth owner. Car has history back to 1932 and still carries its original bodywork by Carbodies.

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Current owner:- Terry Prodger, N.S.W. History: Bought by Ron Craig in the mid-90s and full restoration begun. Finished car maintained and used by Ron's widow Julie.  Regular attendee at Pre-war Rallies.  

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