Layout of the Fuji Speedway (1987–2003)

The JAF Grand Prix All Japan Fuji 1000 km, was the second round of both the 1989 All Japan Sports Prototype Championship and the 1989 Fuji Long Distance Series was held at the Fuji International Speedway, on the 30 April, in front of a crowd of approximately 58,000.[1]



A total of 17 cars were entered for the event, in two classes, one for cars running to Group C1 specification and the other to IMSA GTP regulations.[1]


The Nissan Motorsport car of Anders Olofsson and Masahiro Hasemi took pole position, in their Nissan R88C ahead of team mates Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Toshio Suzuki, by only 0.269secs.[2]


The race was held over 224 laps of the Fuji circuit, a distance of 1000 km (actual distance was 1001.28 km). Vern Schuppan, Eje Elgh and Keiji Matsumoto took the winner spoils for the Omron Racing Team, driving their Porsche 962C. The trio won in a time of 5hr 30:36.816mins., averaging a speed of 133.571 mph. Second place went to George Fouché and Steven Andskär in the Trust Racing Team’s Porsche 962GTi who finished about 15 seconds adrift. Coming in third was the pole winning Nissan of Olofsson and Hasemi. They finished 1 lap behind the winners.[3]



Class Winners are in Bold text.

Pos. No. Class Drivers Entrant Car - Engine Time, Laps Reason Out
1st 55 C1 Australia Vern Schuppan Sweden Eje Elgh Japan Keiji Matsumoto Omron RacingTeam [ja] Porsche 962C 5:30:36.816
2nd 100 C1 South Africa George Fouché Sweden Steven Andskär Trust Racing Team Porsche 962GTi 5:30:51.215
3rd 24 C1 Sweden Anders Olofsson Japan Masahiro Hasemi Nissan Motorsport Nissan R88C 223
4th 25 C1 Japan Kunimitsu Takahashi Sweden Stanley Dickens Advan Alpha Nova Porsche 962C 223
5th 16 C1 Japan Masanori Sekiya Japan Hideki Okada Leyton House Racing Team Porsche 962CK6 220
6th 23 C1 Japan Kazuyoshi Hoshino Japan Toshio Suzuki Nissan Motorsport Nissan R88C 214
7th 85 C1 Japan Takao Wada Japan Akio Morimoto Cabin Racing Team with Team Le Mans March-Nissan 88 212
8th 36 C1 England Geoff Lees Japan Hitoshi Ogawa Toyota team TOM’S Toyota 89C-V 211
9th 202 GTP Japan Yoshimi Katayama Japan Yojiro Terada Japan Takashi Yorino Mazdaspeed Mazda 767B 205
10th 50 C1 Austria Roland Ratzenberger Japan Keiichi Suzuki Japan Kouji Satou Tenoras Toyota SARD Racing Team Toyota 89C-V 205
11th 240 GTP Japan Toshihiko Nogami Japan Syuuji Kasuya Japan Yoshiyuki Ogura Katayama Racing Mazda 757 197
12th 230 GTP Japan Tetsuji Shiratori Japan Syuuji Fujii Japan Seisaku Suzuki Shizumats Racing Mazda 757 195
13th 26 C1 Japan Kazuo Mogi Japan Kenji Takahashi Advan Alpha Tomei Porsche 962C 190
DNF 7 C1 Argentina Oscar Larruari Brazil Maurizio Sandro Sala The Alpha Racing with Brun Porsche 962C 76 Turbocharger
DNF 27 C1 Japan Akihiko Nakaya Germany Harald Grohs From A Racing Porsche 962C 31 Engine
DNF 22 C1 Japan Naoki Nagasaka Japan Chiyomi Totani Alpha Cubic Racing Team Porsche 962CK6 27 Differential
DNF 88 C1 Japan Kiyoshi Misaki Japan Jirou Yoneyama Japan Hideo Fukuyama British Barn Racing Team BB-Ford 89R 12 Engine


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