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The 2009 FIA GT Zolder 2 Hours is the eighth and final race of the 2009 FIA GT Championship season. It took place at Zolder, Belgium on 25 October 2009. It was also the final race held under the FIA GT Championship banner before the introduction of the FIA GT1 World Championship and FIA GT2 European Championship in 2010.

The race was won by the No. 33 Vitaphone Racing Team DHL Maserati of the Italians Alessandro Pier Guidi and Matteo Bobbi, leading the No. 4 Peka Racing Corvette and No. 1 Vitaphone Maserati. Michael Bartels and Andrea Bertolini secured the GT1 Drivers' Championship with their third-place finish. Richard Westbrook and Marco Holzer won the GT2 category in the No. 60 Prospeed Competition Porsche, with Westbrook securing the GT2 Drivers' Championship.



Anthony Kumpen qualified the No. 4 Peka Racing Corvette on pole position ahead of the No. 1 Vitaphone Maserati. However the two cars on the front row were penalized for setting their fastest lap while a portion of the track was under yellow flag conditions. Both were moved back five grid spots, promoting the No. 33 Vitaphone Maserati to pole at the race start.

Qualifying results

Pole position winners in each class are marked in bold.[1]

Pos Class Team Driver Lap Time Grid
1 GT1 No. 4 Peka Racing Anthony Kumpen 1:27.399 6
2 GT1 No. 2 Vitaphone Racing Team Alex Müller 1:27.464 7
3 GT1 No. 33 Vitaphone Racing Team DHL Alessandro Pier Guidi 1:27.589 1
4 GT1 No. 8 Sangari Team Brazil Enrique Bernoldi 1:28.026 2
5 GT1 No. 19 Luc Alphand Aventures Xavier Maassen 1:28.148 3
6 GT1 No. 1 Vitaphone Racing Team Andrea Bertolini 1:28.183 4
7 GT1 No. 3 Selleslagh Racing Team Bert Longin 1:28.848 5
8 GT1 No. 35 Nissan Motorsports Michael Krumm 1:30.754 8
9 GT1 No. 40 Marc VDS Racing Team Bas Leinders 1:31.274 9
10 GT2 No. 50 AF Corse Gianmaria Bruni 1:31.622 10
11 GT2 No. 59 Trackspeed Racing Jörg Bergmeister 1:31.381 11
12 GT2 No. 60 Prospeed Competition Richard Westbrook 1:31.879 12
13 GT2 No. 95 PeCom Racing Team Matías Russo 1:31.911 13
14 GT2 No. 61 Prospeed Competition Marc Lieb 1:32.264 14
15 GT2 No. 55 CRS Racing Tim Mullen 1:32.295 15
16 GT2 No. 56 CRS Racing Rob Bell 1:32.396 16
17 GT2 No. 77 BMS Scuderia Italia Paolo Ruberti 1:32.565 17
18 GT2 No. 97 Brixia Racing Martin Ragginger 1:32.693 18
19 GT2 No. 51 AF Corse Álvaro Barba 1:32.759 19
20 GT2 No. 58 Trackspeed Racing Sascha Maassen 1:33.345 20
21 GT2 No. 78 BMS Scuderia Italia Stéphane Lémeret 1:33.530 21


Race results

Class winners in bold. Cars failing to complete 75% of winner's distance marked as Not Classified (NC).

Pos Class No Team Drivers Chassis Tyre Laps
1 GT1 33 Germany Vitaphone Racing Team DHL Italy Alessandro Pier Guidi
Italy Matteo Bobbi
Maserati MC12 GT1 M 79
Maserati 6.0 L V12
2 GT1 4 Belgium Peka Racing Belgium Anthony Kumpen
Netherlands Mike Hezemans
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 79
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
3 GT1 1 Germany Vitaphone Racing Team Germany Michael Bartels
Italy Andrea Bertolini
Maserati MC12 GT1 M 79
Maserati 6.0 L V12
4 GT1 19 France Luc Alphand Aventures Netherlands Xavier Maassen
Italy Thomas Biagi
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 79
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
5 GT1 8 Brazil Sangari Team Brazil Brazil Enrique Bernoldi
Brazil Roberto Streit
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 78
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
6 GT1 3 Belgium Selleslagh Racing Team Belgium Bert Longin
France James Ruffier
Chevrolet Corvette C6.R M 78
Chevrolet LS7.R 7.0 L V8
7 GT2 60 Belgium Prospeed Competition Germany Marco Holzer
United Kingdom Richard Westbrook
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 76
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
8 GT2 77 Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Italy Paolo Ruberti
Italy Matteo Malucelli
Ferrari F430 GT2 P 76
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
9 GT2 56 United Kingdom CRS Racing United Kingdom Rob Bell
United Kingdom Andrew Kirkaldy
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 76
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
10 GT2 50 Italy AF Corse Italy Gianmaria Bruni
Finland Toni Vilander
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 76
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
11 GT2 59 United Kingdom Trackspeed Racing Germany Jörg Bergmeister
Germany Chris Mamerow
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 76
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
12 GT2 97 Italy Brixia Racing France Emmanuel Collard
Austria Martin Ragginger
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 76
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
13 GT2 51 Italy AF Corse Spain Álvaro Barba
Italy Niki Cadei
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 75
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
14 GT2 61 Belgium Prospeed Competition Germany Marc Lieb
Hong Kong Darryl O'Young
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 75
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
15 GT2 58 United Kingdom Trackspeed Racing Germany Sascha Maassen
United Kingdom David Ashburn
Porsche 997 GT3-RSR M 74
Porsche 4.0 L Flat-6
16 GT2 95 Argentina PeCom Racing Team Argentina Matías Russo
Argentina Luís Pérez Companc
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 73
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
17 GT1 2 Germany Vitaphone Racing Team Portugal Miguel Ramos
Germany Alex Müller
Maserati MC12 GT1 M 72
Maserati 6.0 L V12
18 GT1 35 Japan Nissan Motorsports
United Kingdom Gigawave Motorsports
United Kingdom Darren Turner
Germany Michael Krumm
Nissan GT-R GT1 M 61
Nissan 5.6 L V8
GT1 40 Belgium Marc VDS Racing Team Belgium Renaud Kuppens
Belgium Bas Leinders
Ford GT1 M 35
Ford 5.0 L V8
GT2 55 United Kingdom CRS Racing Spain Antonio García
United Kingdom Tim Mullen
Ferrari F430 GT2 M 34
Ferrari 4.0 L V8
GT2 78 Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Italy Luigi Lucchini
Belgium Stéphane Lémeret
Ferrari F430 GT2 P 17
Ferrari 4.0 L V8


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