The Circuit d'Albi is a 3.565 km (2.215 mi) motorsport race track located in the French town of Le Sequestre near Albi, about 80 km (50 mi) northeast of Toulouse. Built to replace the nearby Les Planques public road circuit, Albi has 70 years of history in motor-racing, including the 1951 French motorcycle Grand Prix.[1] It hosted the FFSA GT Championship in 1997, 2002–2011, and 2020–2022.

Notably, it shares its grounds with an active airport in its infield, the Aérodrome d'Albi - Le Sequestre (fr).

Lap records

The official race lap records at the Circuit d'Albi are listed as:

Category Time Driver Vehicle Event
Full Circuit: 3.565 km (2009–present)
Group CN 1:18.034[2] Cauvin Dominique ASP Racing 2015
GT4 1:23.525[3] Jim Pla Mercedes-AMG GT4 2022 Albi French GT4 round
Full Circuit: 3.573 km (2003–2008)
Formula Renault 2.0 1:16.451[4] Patrick Pilet Tatuus FR2000 2004 Albi French Formula Renault round
Full Circuit: 3.551 km (1994–2002)
Formula Three 1:09.087[2] Tiago Monteiro Dallara F399 2000 Albi French F3 round
GT2 1:16.709[5] Jean-Pierre Jarier Porsche 911 GT2 1997 Albi FFSA GT round
Full Circuit: 3.536 km (1988–1993)
Formula Three 1:09.930[2] Christophe Tinseau Dallara F393 1993 Albi French F3 round
Full Circuit: 3.546 km (1981–1987)
Formula Three 1:09.850[6] Harald Huysman Ralt RT30 1986 1st Albi French F3 round
Full Circuit: 3.636 km (1962–1980)
Formula Two 1:08.900[2] Jean-Pierre Beltoise March 732 1973 Albi Grand Prix
Formula Three 1:12.980[7] Alain Prost Martini MK27 1979 Albi French F3 round
Formula Junior 1:21.400[8] Peter Arundell Lotus 27 1963 Albi Grand Prix


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