Circuito de Albacete is a motorsports facility located in Albacete, Spain, opened in 1990. The main circuit is 3.550 km (2.206 mi) long with 14 turns, 8 of them right turns and 6 left turns. The facility can also be configured in two other layouts: a 2.237 km (1.390 mi) long circuit with 8 turns, 5 right and 3 left, and a 1.336 km (0.830 mi) short circuit with 6 turns, 5 right and 1 left.


Main stands.

Annual racing events at the facility included the Endurance World Championship and the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

The facility also used to host a Superbike World Championship round from 1992 until 1999.

Lap records

The official race lap records at the Circuito de Albacete are listed as:

Category Time Driver Vehicle Event
Current Circuit: 3.550 km (2015–present)
Superbike 1:32.096[1] Maximilian Scheib BMW S1000RR 2016 Albacete FIM CEV Superbike round
FIM CEV Moto2 1:32.156[2] Héctor Garzó Tech3 Mistral 610 2019 Albacete FIM CEV Moto2 round
FIM CEV Moto3 1:35.171[3] Daniel Holgado Honda NSF250R 2019 Albacete FIM CEV Moto3 round
Original Circuit: 3.539 km (1990–2014)
Formula Nissan 1:20.423[4] Jean-Christophe Ravier Dallara SN01 2002 Albacete Formula Nissan round
F3000 1:21.940[5] Andrea Montermini Reynard 92D 1992 Albacete F3000 round
Formula 3 1:23.286[6] Borja García Dallara F300 2004 Albacete Spanish F3 round
Superbike 1:30.186[7] Iván Silva BMW S1000RR 2014 Albacete FIM CEV Superbike round
GT2 1:30.266[8] Álvaro Parente Ferrari F430 GT2 2010 Albacete Spanish GT round
GT3 1:31.254[9] Luis Villalba Mosler MT900R 2007 Albacete Spanish GT round
FIM CEV Moto2 1:31.283[10] Román Ramos Ariane Moto2 2013 1st Albacete FIM CEV Moto2 round
World SBK 1:31.592[11] Akira Yanagawa Kawasaki Ninja ZX-7RR 1999 Albacete World SBK round
FIM CEV Moto3 1:33.419[12] Jorge Navarro Ioda Honda Moto3 2014 Albacete FIM CEV Moto3 round
World SSP 1:35.618[13] Pere Riba Honda CBR600F 1999 Albacete World SSP round
Truck racing 1:42.099[14][15] Antonio Albacete MAN TGA 2007 Albacete ETRC round


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