Ferrari has made a series of 1.6-litre, turbocharged, V6, Formula One racing engines, starting with the Tipo 059/3 designation for the 2014 season.


The V6 turbo engine was developed under the direction of Luca Marmorini and Mattia Binotto.[5][6]


The engine itself is coupled with an energy recovery system hybrid unit, and all evolutions and newer iterations of the power unit are based on the same basic hybrid architecture that has existed since 2014.


Ferrari 059/3 was the engine's official name in the 2014 inaugural season. In the following seasons, the further expansion stages of the engine were each given new names. Formally, however, all expansion forms were based on the basic structure that has existed since 2014.

Criticism and FIA investigation

The Type 064 of the 2019 season was often criticized from the middle of the season. While Ferrari put in a strong performance throughout the 2019 season, their performance was particularly strong between the Belgian Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix. During these races, Ferrari took six consecutive pole positions and scored their only victories of the season in these races. As their form had noticeably improved compared to the first 12 races of the season, Red Bull made an inquiry to the FIA and asked for clarification on whether the use of a system used by Ferrari that bypasses the fuel flow sensor is permissible. Red Bull accused Ferrari of installing the sensor in such a way that it could not measure an increased, illegal fuel flow. The FIA ​​responded with a technical guideline ahead of the US Grand Prix, reminding all competitors that such systems are not allowed. As a result, Ferrari's form faded. As the season progressed, they managed neither a pole position nor a win. Max Verstappen then publicly accused Ferrari of cheating.

After the end of testing for the 2020 season, the FIA ​​announced that it had completed its investigation into the Type 064 engine and entered into a private agreement with Ferrari. The FIA ​​refused to disclose the results of the investigation after protests from the other teams.