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Formula C was an open wheeled SCCA racing class originating in the mid 1960s, derived from the failed Formula Junior class. Formula C cars were very similar to Formula Juniors; Formula B was a similar class with uprated 1600 cc engines. Formula C cars were limited to 1100 cc engines. In the SCCA today, Formula Continental is the direct descendant of Formula C.


The 1965 SCCA General Competition Rules define the Formula SCCA Class C (commonly referred to as Formula C) rules as follows:

  1. Single seat, four open-wheeled racing car with firewall, floor and safety equipment conforming with the SCCA General Competition Rules.
  2. Engine displacement below or equal to 1100cc.
  3. Minimum weight in full running condition 750 pounds.
  4. Cars must use pump fuel only.
  5. Cars must be equipped with on-board self starter controlled by the driver in normal driving position.
  6. The driver's seat must be capable of being entered without the removal or manipulation of any part or panel.
  7. A double braking system operated by one pedal is compulsory. The pedal shall normally control the four wheels. In case of leakage at any point of the piping or any failure in the braking transmission system, the brake pedal must continue to actuate at least two wheels on the same axle.
  8. Supercharging devices are not permitted.
  9. Reverse gear is mandatory (as of 1966).

Formula C at the SCCA National Championship Runoffs

Year Winner Car Engine
1965 United States Larry Skeels Cooper BMC
1966 Italy Nick Dioguardi Brabham
1967 United States Bill Rutan Quantum Ford
1968 United States Mike Campbell Forsgrini Mk. 10 Ford
1969 United States Bill Rutan Tecno Ford
1970 United States Michael Rand Brabham BT21 Ford
1971 United States Harry Reynolds Brabham BT29 Ford
1972 United States Harry Reynolds Brabham BT29 Ford
1973 United States Michael Gilbert Lotus 41 Ford
1974 United States Bill Anspach Chevron B17 Ford
1975 United States Dirk Wrightson Brabham BT29 Ford
1976 United States Michael Gilbert GRD 375/6 Ford
1977 United States Bill Anspach Chevron B34 Ford



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