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    In the motorsport discipline of rallying, Group Rally4 is a formula of rally car specifications determined by the FIA for use in its international competitions: World Rally Championship (WRC) and regional championships. National rallying competitions also allow Group Rally4 cars to compete. There are two technical subclasses of Group Rally4 however these do not affect competitive eligibility. 'Rally4' may be used alone with the same definition. The group was launched in 2019 after the introduction of the Rally Pyramid initiative to reorganise the classes of car and championships in international rallying was approved in June 2018.[1]

    The formula for Group Rally4 cars was taken from R2 class of Group R and tweaked with the defining ruleset interchanging the terms, this meant that any existing R2 car homologated or approved since their introduction in 2008 could continue to be used in Rally4 level competition.[2] However, R2 cars homologated prior to 2019 were not required to have a turbo restrictor fitted and remain exempt. Those of R2B class cars also retain the minimum weight of 1030 kg and must use 6.5"x16" on asphalt rallies.


    Group Rally4 cars are defined in FIA document Appendix J - Article 260 as Touring Cars or Large Scale Series Production Cars, supercharged Petrol engine (including rotary engines), 2-wheel drive (front or rear wheel drive)). A production touring car with at least 2500 identical units manufactured must be homologated in Group A, with all the components and changes that make it a Group Rally4 car homologated in an extension.[2] They have a power to weight ratio of 5.1kg/hp.[1]

    Key Specific Regulations for Cars in Group Rally4[2]
    Class (Group R

    legacy class)

    Drivetrain Minimum




    Aspiration Fuel Maximum










    Ra4B R2B 2WD 1080 kg 1390-1600cc Normal Petrol 6 30mm 6"x15" 6.5"x16"



    927-1067cc Turbo
    Ra4C R2C 1600-2000cc Normal 7"x17"
    1067-1333cc Turbo

    FIA Competition

    Rally4 cars are placed in FIA 'RC4' sporting class alongside R3 and Group A cars.[3]

    Eligibility in FIA WRC Championships 2023
    Class Group WRC M T WRC2 WRC3 Masters Junior
    RC4 Rally4 Yes Yes
    Eligibility in FIA Regional Championships 2023
    Absolute Teams ERC3 ERC4 Jun Jun ARC2 ARC3 ARC4 Jun MERC2 MERC3 MERC4 Jun APRC3 APRC4 Jun NAC3 NAC4 Jun COD2 COD3 COD4
    RC4 Rally4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


    Manufacturer Car Debut Homologation Basis Image
    United Kingdom Ford Fiesta Rally4[4] 2019 FIA - A5775
    Fiesta ST-Line (Fiesta Mk7)
    999cc Turbo
    Rally Poland 2021 Amaury Molle 01.jpg
    United Kingdom Ford Fiesta R2T 2015 FIA - A5762
    Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 140 PS (Fiesta Mk7)
    999cc Turbo
    Ford Fiesta R2 - Roland Poom
    United Kingdom Ford Fiesta R2 2012 FIA - A5729
    Fiesta 1.6 (Fiesta Mk6)
    1597cc Normal
    WRCweekend2011 (5569785631)
    Germany Opel Corsa Rally4[5] 2021 FIA - A5781
    Opel Corsa GS Line 130
    1204cc Turbo
    Rally Poland 2021 Łukasz Lewandowski.jpg
    Germany Opel Adam R2 2014 FIA - A5752
    Adam Slam 3-Door Hatchback
    1398cc Normal
    Rally Poland 2021 Damian Łata
    France Peugeot 208 Rally4[6] 2020 FIA - A5780
    208 GT Line 130
    1204cc Turbo
    Rally Poland 2021 Norbert Maior.jpg
    France Peugeot 208 R2 2012 FIA - A5743
    208 VTI 125 3 Portes
    1598cc Normal
    Rajd Polski - 2018 Catie Munnings 02
    France Renault Clio Rally4[7] 2021 FIA - A5779
    Clio R.S. Line TCE 1.3EDC
    1331cc Turbo
    Rally Poland 2021 Ola Nore Jr.jpg
    France Renault Twingo R2 2010 FIA - A5731
    Twingo "Renault Sport"
    1598cc Normal
    2013 Rallye Sunseeker (10366877384)
    Czech Republic Škoda Fabia R2 2011 FIA - A5737
    Fabia 1.6 16v
    1598cc Normal
    2014 Rally Bohemia - Triner
    Portugal Kia Rio Rally4[8] 2021 FIA - none

    Built by CRM Motorsport Approved for use in national championships[9]

    Source: FIA Homologation List 2021[10]

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