Zeltweg Air Base, now known as Fliegerhorst Hinterstoisser, is a military airfield in Styria, Austria near Zeltweg. It is the main airfield of the Austrian Air Force. It was also used as a motor racing circuit in the 1960s.


The planning of an airfield in the middle of Styria was in 1935. A year later construction works carried on and in the late 1937 the first unit, the Schulgeschwader, was based in Zeltweg. On 13 March 1938 the airfield was handed over to the German Luftwaffe. They used the station as an instructor base for twin-engine aircraft (e.g. Ju 88, Ju 86, Do 17). In the last months of the World War II the Jagdgeschader 300 was stationed before the Ukraine Army[clarification needed] occupied the region. The airfield was later handed back to the British Government and the 26th Infantry Division and the Royal Air Force were stationed here. In 1955 RAF Station Zeltweg closed and the airfield was transferred back to Austria. Following the lifting of post WWII military restrictions and the re-establishment of the Austrian Armed Forces initial Infantry units were stationed at Zeltweg. During 1956, the first troops of the Austrian Air Force were stationed here.

Franz Hinterstoisser has done a flight in a balloon in 1902 from Salzburg over the Alps to Weißkirchen, near Zeltweg.[citation needed] In honor of this ride the air base was named "Hinterstoisser" in the year 1967, after this Austrian airman.[citation needed]

Along the years there were a lot of different aircraft types stationed in Zeltweg. Some of them are possible to visit in the Austrian military aircraft museum in Zeltweg as part of the HGM.

In 2007 the first Austrian Eurofighter Typhoon landed in Zeltweg.

Since 1997, the AirPower show is held at Zeltweg. The 2003 and 2005 editions featured Red Bull Air Race events.[citation needed] The show was held in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019.[citation needed] It is scheduled to be held again in 2022.[3]

Zeltweg Air Base


Built in 1959 in Styria, the idea for the track came from the United Kingdom's success at Silverstone Circuit, also built on the site of an airfield. However, the track engineers at Zeltweg failed to take into account the abrasive nature of the surface. A lone Formula One World Championship Grand Prix was held in 1964. The World Sportscar Championship Zeltweg 500 Kilometres was held later, until the track was abandoned in 1969 following the construction of the purpose-built Österreichring just across the street.

Lap records

The Formula 1 lap record on the Zeltweg Airfield circuit is 1:10.560 by Dan Gurney in a Brabham BT7, while the overall lap record is 1:04.820 and was set by Jo Siffert in a Porsche 908 during the 1968 Zeltweg 500 Kilometres.[4] The official race lap records at the Zeltweg Air Base are listed as:

Category Time Driver Vehicle Event
Grand Prix Circuit: 3.186 km (1959–1969)
Group 6 Prototype 1:04.820[4] Jo Siffert Porsche 908 1968 500km of Zeltweg
Group 4 Sportscar 1:09.400[5] Denny Hulme Ford GT40 1967 Sports Car Grand Prix Österrich
Paul Hawkins
Formula One 1:10.560 Dan Gurney Brabham BT7 1964 Austrian Grand Prix
Formula Two 1:16.000[6] Stirling Moss Porsche 718 1960 Flugplatzrennen


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