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The 1962 Australian Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title for Appendix J Touring Cars.[1][2] It was contested as a single race, staged at the Longford Circuit, in Tasmania, Australia, on 3 March 1962. The title, which was the third Australian Touring Car Championship, was won by Bob Jane, driving a Jaguar Mark 2 3.8.[3]


Cars competed in six engine capacity classes:[4]

  • Under 1000cc
  • 1000–1600cc
  • 1600–2000cc
  • 2000–2600cc
  • 2600–3500cc
  • Over 3500cc

There were no entries in the 1600–2000cc class.[4]


Jaguars continued their domination of the championship in 1962. Four were entered for the event, though Ian Geoghegan was forced to withdraw his after breaking a rear axle during practice. This left the Jaguars of Bob Jane, defending champion Bill Pitt and Bill Burns to take the front row of the grid. Norm Beechey had been racing a Chevrolet Impala in other events in Australia but was unable to attend Longford.[3]

Jane led away from the start with Pitt in pursuit. However, Pitt suffered an overdrive problem during the race which allowed Jane to take an easy win, while Burns completed the podium. West was running in fourth during the final lap, but a burned piston meant he had to limp to the finish. He was passed by Brigden, who then went straight ahead at the final corner with fading brakes. West retook fourth heading onto pit straight but Brigden was able to turn around and repass West in the final 400 metres. Ross Farmer finished sixth ahead of Bob Holden, Peter Manton, who had made contact with a lapped car and pitted to check for damage, and George Maguire, the last finisher.[3]

The domination of the Jaguars was proven in the speeds taken from the flying-eighth: Jane was recorded at 134 mph while West and Brigden only managed 117 and 106 mph respectively.[3]


Class winners are indicated by bold text.

Pos. Class No.[5] Driver Car Entant[5] Laps Time/Retired
1 Over 3500cc 7 Australia Bob Jane Jaguar Mark 2 3.8 Autoland P/L 15 47:48.2
2 2600–3500cc 34 Australia Bill Pitt Jaguar Mark 1 3.4 Mrs. D. I. Anderson 15 +23.8
3 2600–3500cc 134 Australia Bill Burns Jaguar Mark 1 3.4 Bill Burns Hire Cars 15 +2:27.8
4 1000–1600cc 63 Australia Ken Brigden Peugeot 403 Killara Motor Garage 14 +1 lap
5 2000–2600cc 27 Australia Des West Holden 48-215 D. L. West 14 +1 lap
6 2000–2600cc 70 Australia Ross Farmer Holden FJ R. Farmer 13 +2 laps
7 1000–1600cc 64 Australia Bob Holden Peugeot 403 Killara Motor Garage 19 +2 laps
8 Under 1000cc 55 Australia Peter Manton Morris Cooper Monaro Motors 12 +3 laps
9 1000–1600cc 72 Australia George Maguire Hillman G. T. McGuire 8 +7 laps
Ret Under 1000cc 17 Australia D. Marshall Morris 850 D. Marshall 9
Ret 2000–2600cc 75 Australia Brian Higgins Holden FJ Brian Higgins 7
Ret 2000–2600cc 32 Australia Frank Manley Holden FC F. Manley 4
Ret Australia L. Barrett Vauxhall Cresta 4
Ret Australia John Hodgman Hillman 4
DNS 2600–3500cc 5 Australia Ian Geoghegan Jaguar Mark 1 3.4 Geoghegan Motors


  • Pole position: Bob Jane[3]
  • Fastest lap: Bob Jane, 3:07.1[3]
  • Race distance: 15 laps, 108.60 km[3]
  • Average speed: 136.31 km/h[3]


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