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    The 1963 Australian Touring Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned motor racing title for drivers of Appendix J Touring Cars.[1] It was contested over a single 25 lap, 50 mile (80 km) race at the Mallala Race Circuit in South Australia on 15 April 1963 and was the fourth running of the Australian Touring Car Championship. The race was won by Bob Jane, driving a Jaguar Mark 2 4.1.[2]


    Much of the interest in the 1963 title centred on an anticipated duel between Bob Jane's much developed Jaguar Mark 2 and Norm Beechey's new Chevrolet Impala. The confrontation failed to eventuate after the Impala blew its engine the previous weekend and was a non-starter. Beechey raced his backup car, a Holden 48-215. Jane took pole position by one tenth of a second over the Valiant of Ern Abbott, with Clem Smith's Valiant another second behind. The second row comprised the Holden of Clive Millis and the Fiat 1500 of Pat James.[2]

    Beechey retired on lap 1 after starting sixth, while Jane led from Abbott, Smith, Peter Manton, John Brindley, James, Harry Firth, George Reynolds and Richard Thurston. Jane set a new lap record of 1:57.2 on lap 2 as he extended his lead, while Firth passed James, Brindley and Manton to move into fourth place by lap 7. Abbott was able to stay with Jane as the two pulled away from Smith in third, who was ten seconds behind at half distance. Both Valiant drivers then encountered problems: Abbott's brakes began to fade and he fell back into the clutches of Smith, but Smith was low on fuel and had to conserve. Firth also had problems, with a bent throttle linkage putting him under pressure from Manton. Manton attempted to pass Firth at the last corner but was unable to take the place.[2]

    Jane went on to win Jaguar's fourth and final Australian Touring Car Championship, leading Abbott home by seven seconds, with Smith a further 22 seconds adrift. Firth finished one lap down in fourth ahead of Manton, Millis and Reynolds.[2]

    1963 also saw the first New Zealander to compete in the Australian Touring Car Championship. Car 64, an Austin A90 driven by C.J.N. (Nigel) Roskilly.


    Class winners are indicated by bold text.

    Pos. Class No. Driver Entrant Car Laps Time/Retired
    1 Over 3500cc 71 Australia Bob Jane R. Jane Jaguar Mark 2 4.1 25 50:03.2
    2 Over 3500cc 99 Australia Ern Abbott E. Abbott Car Sales Chrysler Valiant R Series 25 +7.0
    3 Over 3500cc 46 Australia Clem Smith C. Smith Motors Chrysler Valiant R Series 25 +28.7
    4 1301–1600cc 111 Australia Harry Firth Ford Motor Co Ford Consul Cortina Mark I 24 +1 lap
    5 Up to 1000cc 59 Australia Peter Manton P. Manton Motors Morris Cooper 24 +1 lap
    6 2001–2600cc 87 Australia Clive Millis Merlyn Motors Holden 24 +1 lap
    7 1001–1300cc 49 Australia George Reynolds G. Reynolds Volkswagen 24 +1 lap
    8 Up to 1000cc 112 Australia Gavin Baillieu H. Firth Morris Cooper 23 +2 laps
    9 1301–1600cc 78 Australia Pat James Motor Improvements Fiat 1500 23 +2 laps
    10 2601–3500cc 30 Australia Cyril Nancarrow C.G. Nancarrow Austin A90 Westminster 23 +2 laps
    11 2001–2600cc 70 Australia B. Murphy B. Murphy Holden 23 +2 laps
    12 Up to 1000cc 56 Australia L. Callaway O'Callaghan Motors Morris Cooper 23 +2 laps
    13 Up to 1000cc 57 Australia W. Wauchope J.W. Taylors Morris Cooper 23 +2 laps
    14 1001–1300cc 50 Australia Ken Virgin K. Virgin Volkswagen 23 +2 laps
    15 2001–2600cc 36 Australia Dave Sullivan D. Sullivan Motors Holden 23 +2 laps
    16 1001–1300cc 35 Australia R. Brown B.J. Auto Service Simca Aronde 23 +2 laps
    17 2001–2600cc 60 Australia D. Dix D. Dix Holden 23 +2 laps
    18 1301–1600cc 92 Australia W. Nalder W. Nalder Hillman 22 +3 laps
    19 2001–2600cc 69 Australia John Brindley Car World Holden 22 +3 laps
    20 1601–2000cc 114 Australia Wally Wilson Team SAAS Citroën ID19 22 +3 laps
    Ret Up to 1000cc 62 Australia N. Webb C&S Motors Morris 850 17
    Ret 1301–1600cc 73 Australia Terry Sully T. Sully Hillman Minx 17
    Ret Up to 1000cc 58 Australia Richard Thurston R.K. Thurston Morris 850 16
    Ret 2001–2600cc 85 Australia B. Forbes Forcars Pty Ltd Holden 11
    Ret 2001–2600cc 82 Australia V. Clancy V. Clancy Holden 7
    Ret 1301–1600cc 79 Australia Brian Sampson Motor Improvements Austin Lancer 4
    Ret 2601–3500cc 64 New Zealand C. Roskilly C. Roskilly Austin A90 Westminster 3
    Ret 2001–2600cc 39 Australia R. Loader R. Loader Holden 3
    Ret 2001–2600cc 74 Australia Norm Beechey Holden 48-215 0


    • Pole position: Bob Jane, 1:57.9[2]
    • Fastest lap: Bob Jane, 1:57.2[2]
    • Race distance: 25 laps, 84.50 km[2]
    • Average speed: 101.27 km/h[2]


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    Further reading

    • Bob Jane Makes It a Double, Australian Motor Sport, June 1963, pages 63–65

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