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The 1964 Armstrong 500 was a production car race held on 4 October 1964 at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia. The 500 mile race was open to Australian built production sedans of which 100 examples had been registered.[1] It was the fifth Armstrong 500 and the second to be held at Bathurst although it is commonly referred to as the fifth "Bathurst 500".

Official results reflected only class placings, with no outright winner recognized by the organizing body, the Australian Racing Drivers’ Club. The first car to complete the full 130 lap distance race was a factory backed Ford Cortina GT driven by Bob Jane and George Reynolds, the 1964 event being the fourth consecutive Armstrong 500 in which Jane had achieved an unofficial "line honours" victory.

Class structure

Cars competed in four classes based on the purchase price of the vehicle in Australian pounds. There was little change from the 1963 race. Class A entries proliferated, taking up space on the grid from a shrinking Class B. Ford Australia had a strong presence in Class C with three factory entered Cortina GTs.

Class A

The up to £900 class was composed of Hillman Imp, Morris 850, NSU Prinz, Vauxhall Viva and Volkswagen Beetle.

Class B

The £901 to £1,000 class featured Ford Cortina 1500, Morris Cooper, Renault R8 and Simca Aronde.

Class C

The £1,001 to £1,200 class included only Ford Cortina GT and Holden EH entries.

Class D

The £1,201 to £2,000 class featured Chrysler Valiant, Citroën ID19, Ford Zephyr, Humber Vogue Sports, Holden EH Premier, Studebaker Lark, Triumph 2000 and Vauxhall Velox.


While the V8 powered Studebaker Larks again led early, fragile brakes saw them overtaken by the leading Cortinas as the race wore on. The Cortina driven by the Geoghegan brothers fell from the mid-race lead after a generator bracket broke, allowing teammates Jane and Reynolds into the race lead they would not relinquish. Barry Seton and Herb Taylor finished second ahead of Jane's former partner Harry Firth co-driving the third factory Ford with John Reaburn. In the other three classes, the early leaders each retained their leads throughout the day. Bert Needham and Warren Weldon brought their Class D winning Studebaker home as fourth car across the line, two laps down on Jane/Reynolds and a lap behind Firth/Reaburn. Charlie Smith and Bruce Maher won Class B, leading home a 1-2-3-4 for Morris Cooper ahead of four Renault R8s. Smith/Maher finished just six laps behind the Cortina GTs. Class A was dominated by Vauxhall, with the Viva of Spencer Martin and Bill Brown leading home five other examples. Seven cars failed to finish the event, with another being disqualified.[2]


As follows:[3][4]

Pos No Entrant[5] Drivers Car Laps
Class A
1 46 Boyded Pty. Ltd. Australia Spencer Martin
Australia Bill Brown
Vauxhall HA Viva 116
2 55 Boyded Pty. Ltd. Australia Ron Clarke
Australia Brian Muir
Vauxhall HA Viva 115
3 58 Clinton Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia John Marchiori
Australia Arnold Ahrenfeld
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
4 56 Boyded Pty. Ltd. Australia Tony Simmons
Australia Mike Champion
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
5 54 Apex Autos (Newcastle) Australia Jack Gates
Australia Mike Nedelko
Vauxhall HA Viva 114
6 44 Bill Warren Austin Spares Australia C. McLean
Australia George Murray
Vauxhall HA Viva 112
7 40 Lennox Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Brian Milton
Australia David Walker
Volkswagen 1200 112
8 47 Peter Williamson Pty. Ltd. Australia Midge Bosworth
Australia Peter Williamson
Hillman Imp 112
9 41 Wal Truscott & Co. Pty. Ltd. Australia Chris McSorley
Australia Phil West
Hillman Imp 110
10 59 Stradbroke Motors Australia Lionel Ayers
Australia Dennis Geary
Hillman Imp 110
11 43 Denlo Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Bernie Haehnle
Australia Neil McKay
Volkswagen 1200 110
12 38 Lanock Motors Ltd. Australia Barry Ferguson
Australia Bill Ford
Volkswagen 1200 109
13 49 Buckle Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Brian Reed
Australia Lorraine Hill
Hillman Imp 108
14 51 Wal Truscott & Co. Pty. Ltd. Australia Paul Bolton
Australia John Schroder
Hillman Imp 107
15 42 Kinsley Pty. Ltd. Australia George Forrest
Australia Frank Hann
Volkswagen 1200 105
16 50 Scuderia Octagon Australia Matt Daddo
Australia Keith Russell
Morris 850 104
DNF 39 Ryan Equipment Coy. Australia Bryan Thomson
Australia Bruce Wilson
NSU Prinz 94
DNF 52 Vaughan & Lane Pty. Ltd. Australia Peter Cray
Australia Phil Barnes
Morris 850
DNF 53 White Nicholson BMC Australia Bill Stanley
Australia Steve Harvey
Morris 850
DNF 57 Vaughan & Lane Pty. Ltd. Australia Eric Lane
Australia Stan Pomroy
Morris 850 15
DNF 45 W. G. Orr Australia Lex Bailey
Australia Bill Orr
Hillman Imp 0
DNS[2] 48[2] Fairfield Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Kennedy
Australia Stewart[2]
Ford Anglia[2] -
Class B
1 26 Ron Ward Pty. Ltd. Australia Bruce Maher
Australia Charlie Smith
Morris Cooper 124
2 36 P. & R. Williams Pty. Ltd. Australia Don Holland
Australia Laurie Stewart
Morris Cooper 123
3 23 College Auto Port Australia Ray Kaleda
Australia Barry Thiele
Morris Cooper 121
4 33 W. Blomfield Australia Warren Blomfield
Australia Jerry Trevor-Jones
Morris Cooper 120
5 34 W. March Australia Bill March
Australia John White
Renault R8 120
6 35 R. Emmett Australia John Connolly
Australia Rex Emmett
Renault R8 120
7 28 Killara Motor Garage Australia Bob Holden
Australia Keith Pascall
Renault R8 119
8 29 G.P. Cars Australia Brian Fleming
Australia Bill Gates
Renault R8 119
9 32 P. Brown Australia Peter Brown
Australia Ray Gulson
Morris Cooper 118
10 37 L. Park Tyre Service Pty. Ltd. Australia Les Park
Australia John Roxburgh
Renault R8 117
11 30 Ira L. & A. C. Berk Pty. Ltd. Australia Jim Bonthorne
Australia John Dando
Ford Cortina Mk.I 1500 116
12 27 M. Martin Australia Mike Martin
Australia John Prisk
Morris Cooper 114
13 25 Alton Boddenberg Australia Alton Boddenberg
Australia Digby Cooke
Simca Aronde 112
14 31 Sentinel Motors Australia David Burton
Australia Brian McGrath
Renault R8 103
DNS[2] 24[2] Dennis Summers Conversions Australia Doug Chivas
Australia unknown[2]
Morris Cooper[2] -
Class C
1 15 Ford Motor Coy. of Aust. Pty. Ltd. Australia Bob Jane
Australia George Reynolds
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 130
2 18 Fairfield Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Barry Seton
Australia Herb Taylor
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 130
3 19 Ford Motor Coy. of Aust. Pty. Ltd. Australia Harry Firth
Australia John Reaburn
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 129
4 22 Ron Hodgson Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Ron Hodgson
Australia John French
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 127
5 21 Ford Motor Coy. of Aust. Pty. Ltd. Australia Ian Geoghegan
Australia Leo Geoghegan
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 127
6 20 Frank Delandro Pty. Ltd. Australia Bruce McPhee
Australia Barry Mulholland
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT 126
7 16 W. H. Lober & Co. Pty. Ltd. Australia Phil Ismay
Australia Bob Skelton
Holden EH 179 101
DNF 14 Beautihome (Australia) Constructions Co. Australia Anthony Cooper
Australia Joe Hills
Ford Cortina Mk.I GT
DSQ 13 J. Turner & Sons Pty. Ltd. Australia Ian Grant
Australia Peter Mitchell[6]
Holden EH 179 10
DNS[2] 17[2] H. Budd Australia Budda
Australia Smith[2]
Holden EH S4[2] -
Class D
1 11 Needham's Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Warren Weldon
Australia Bert Needham
Studebaker Lark 128
2 8 Canada Cycle & Motor Co. (Sales) Pty. Ltd. Australia Fred Sutherland
Australia Allan Mottram
Studebaker Lark 126
3 9 Buckle Motors Australia Brian Foley
Australia Bill Buckle
Citroën ID19 124
4 2 Jubilee Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Bill Burns
Australia Brian Lawler
Ford Zephyr Mk III 123
5 1 British & Continental Cars Pty. Ltd. Australia Arthur Davis
Australia Paul Mander
Triumph 2000 123
6 4 Selke Motors Australia Bob Cook
Australia Alwyn Rose
Chrysler SV1 Valiant 123
7 7 Alex Strachan Motors Australia Bill Barnett
Australia Don Johnston
Humber Vogue Sports 119
8 10 Ecurie Australie Australia Lex Davison
Australia Rocky Tresise
Triumph 2000 117
9 3 Reg Smith Motors Pty. Ltd. Australia Tony Allen
Australia Tony Reynolds
Triumph 2000 116
10 5 M. C. Stewart Australia Bob Salter
Australia Max Stewart
Triumph 2000 105
11 6 Stack & Coy. Ltd. Australia Lyndon McLeod
Australia Lionel Williams
Holden EH Premier 95
DNF 12 Alec Mildren Racing Pty. Ltd. Australia Ralph Sach
Australia Max Brunninghausen
Vauxhall Velox

The Team Prize was won by the three Ford Motor Co. entered Ford Cortina GTs driven by Jane/Reynolds, Seton/Taylor and Firth/Raeburn.[7]


  • Fastest Lap - #21 Geoghegan/Geoghegan - 3:21.3
  • Fastest "flying eighth mile" speed was achieved by the Studebaker Lark of Warren Weldon & Bert Needham at 114.65 mph[2]
  • Race Time - No time published by the ARDC


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