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    The 1976 Australian Drivers' Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title open to racing cars complying with either Australian Formula 1 or Australian Formula 2.[1] It was the 20th Australian Drivers' Championship.[2] The championship winner, John Leffler, was awarded the 1976 CAMS Gold Star.[3]


    1976 Australian Drivers' Championship winner John Leffler (pictured on the right), in 1978

    The championship was contested over a four-round series.[4]

    Round[4] Round/race name Circuit[4] State Date[4] Round format[4] Winner[4] Car[4] Report
    1 Australian Grand Prix[4] Sandown Park Victoria 12 September One race John Goss Matich A51/53[5] Repco Holden Report
    2   Oran Park New South Wales 19 September One race Max Stewart Lola T400 Chevrolet
    3   Calder Raceway Victoria 17 October Two Heats John McCormack McLaren M23 Leyland
    4 Mirafiori 5000[6] Phillip Island Victoria 28 November One race Alf Costanzo Lola T332 Chevrolet

    Points system

    Championship points were awarded on a 9–6–4–3–2–1 basis to the first six place-getters at each round.[1] For Round 3 only, round placings were determined by allocating points to the first fourteen place-getters in each heat on a 20–16–13–11–10–9–8–7–6–5–4–3–2–1 basis.[1] Championship points were then awarded on the standard 9–6–4–3–2–1 basis to the top six drivers for that round.[1] Only holders of current and valid full General Competition Licenses issued by CAMS were eligible for the championship.[1]


    Position Driver[4] Car[4] Entrant[7] San.[4] Ora.[4] Cal.[4] Phi.[4] Total[4]
    1 John Leffler Lola T400 Chevrolet Grace Bros Racing 6 4 6 6 22
    2 Max Stewart Lola T400 Chevrolet M Stewart 9 3 12
    3 John McCormack McLaren M23 Leyland J McCormack
    Budget Rent-a-Car[8]
    9 2 11
    4 Bruce Allison Lola T332 Chevrolet B Allison
    Hobby & Toyland[9]
    3 4 3 10
    5 Alf Costanzo Lola T332 Chevrolet[8] Stock 84 Brandy 9 9
    John Goss Matich A51/53[5] Repco Holden John Goss Racing Pty Ltd 9 9
    7 Garrie Cooper Elfin MR8 Chevrolet Ansett Team Elfin[9] 2 2 4 8
    8 Kevin Bartlett Lola T400 Chevrolet Shellsport[9] 6 6
    9 Chris Milton McLaren M22 Chevrolet John Martin's / Shellsport 4 4
    10 Andrew Miedecke Brabham BT36 Ford Grace Bros Racing 3 3
    11 Gil Cameron McLaren M10B Chevrolet VYI's Fashion Sunglasses 1 1
    John Edmonds Elfin MR5B Repco Holden Hi-Way Denims[8] 1 1
    Chris Farrell Elfin 622 1 1


    Championship name

    The championship has been referred to by various names including the 1976 Australian Formula 1 Championship,[1] the 1976 Gold Star Championship,[6] and the 1976 Australian Drivers' Championship.[4] The latter term is used by CAMS in historical records[2][10] and has been used in this article.


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