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    Layout of the Mount Panorama Circuit (1938-1986)

    The 1980 Hardie-Ferodo 1000 was the 21st running of the Bathurst 1000 touring car race. It was held on 5 October 1980 at the Mount Panorama Circuit just outside Bathurst in New South Wales, Australia. The race was open to cars eligible under the locally developed CAMS Group C Touring Car regulations with four engine capacity based classes.

    Peter Brock and Jim Richards won their third consecutive Bathurst 1000 debuting the Holden Commodore for the Holden Dealer Team. In taking a one lap win over Peter Janson and Larry Perkins, Brock won his fifth Bathurst 1000, breaking the record for most wins in the history of the race. Janson and Perkins finished second for the second successive year and finished three laps ahead of Ian Geoghegan and Paul Gulson as Commodores filled the first seven positions.

    The race is most famous for the retirement of the Ford Falcon of Dick Johnson. The 1980 Australian Touring Car Championship had featured one of the smallest fields in its then twelve years as a multi-race championship. The championship was dominated by Brock, with only two or three other cars competitive, including the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 of Kevin Bartlett. The emergence of hard charging Ford privateer Johnson into a race winning threat just one month prior to Bathurst revitalised interest, more so when Johnson qualified on the front row of the grid, alongside the pole-setting Camaro of Bartlett, and ahead of Brock. Johnson ran away from the field at the start and Brock dropped a lap behind Johnson after a clash with a back-marker Holden Gemini. Johnson crashed heavily into the wall just after the Cutting on lap 17 after clipping a large rock on the track when presented with no other options as a slow-moving tow truck carrying a dead-car blocked the other side of the track. During a Channel 7 television interview with visiting pit reporter Chris Economaki, a distraught Johnson stated he had dedicated all of his finances in a final shot at the winning the race after ten years as a competent mid-fielder. Mike Raymond then interrupted the interview from the commentary booth to inform a moved Johnson that their switchboards around the country were flooded with calls from people pledging money to get Johnson and his Ford back racing. Eventually a total of AU$72,000 was raised. This was matched dollar for dollar by the then boss of Ford Australia, Edsel Ford II, who quickly saw the value of having Johnson keeping Ford at the front of touring car racing despite the company having pulled out of racing at the end of 1978. Johnson would go on to repay the faith shown in him by Edsel Ford and the Australian public, using the $144,000 he received to build a new Falcon in which he would go on to win the 1981 ATCC and the crash shortened 1981 James Hardie 1000.

    The 1980 win by the HDT Commodore saw Holden become the first manufacturer since Ford in 1963, 1964 and 1965 to win three consecutive races on The Mountain.

    Class structure


    Seton/Smith Ford Capri, winner of the 2000-3000cc class (image from 2017)
    Bartlett/Forbes Chevrolet Camaro
    Morris/O'Brien/Moffat Ford XD Falcon
    Muir/Hibbard Ford Falcon
    Bond/Masterton Ford Capri

    The class featured the V8 Holden Commodores, racing at Bathurst for the first time, the equally new Ford XD Falcons, Chevrolet Camaros and a Jaguar XJ-S.


    The class featured a battle between Ford Capris and Mazda RX7s, with a six-cylinder Holden Commodore.


    The class saw a mix Alfa Romeo Alfettas, Ford Escorts, Toyota Celicas and Triumph Dolomites plus a single Isuzu Gemini.

    Up to 1600cc

    The final class featured Ford Escorts, Holden Geminis, Isuzu Geminis, a Toyota Corolla, an Alfa Romeo Alfasud, a Volkswagen Golf GTi and a Mitsubishi Lancer.

    Hardies Heroes

    Pos No Entrant Driver Car Time
    Pole 9 Nine Network Racing Team Australia Kevin Bartlett Chevrolet Camaro Z28 2:20.972
    2 17 Palmer Tube Mills Australia Dick Johnson Ford XD Falcon 2:21.117
    3 05 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia Peter Brock Holden VC Commodore 2:21.815
    4 25 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia John Harvey Holden VC Commodore 2:23.005
    5 6 Craven Mild Racing Australia Allan Grice Holden VC Commodore 2:23.650
    6 7 Channel 7 Breville Racing Australia Bob Morris Ford XD Falcon 2:23.850
    7 10 Roadways Gown-Hindhaugh Australia Charlie O'Brien Holden VC Commodore 2:24.038
    8 4 Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd Australia Larry Perkins Holden VC Commodore 2:25.505
    9 1 Federation Insurance - Unipart Canada Allan Moffat Ford XD Falcon 2:26.596
    10 16 Greater Pacific Finance Coy Australia Garry Rogers Holden VC Commodore 2:27.452

    * This was the first touring car race in which he competed during 1980 where Peter Brock's #05 HDT Commodore did not claim pole position. Brock had claimed pole in his previous 12 races during the year including all 8 rounds of the ATCC and the Hang Ten 400 at Sandown.
    * It was the first time that the 5.7L V8 Chevrolet Camaro, an American car, had sat on pole for the race. The Camaro was also the first non-Holden or Ford to compete in Hardie's Heroes since its inception in 1978. During qualifying Kevin Bartlett' Camaro was recorded at 170 mph (274 km/h) on Conrod Straight, a then record for a Group C touring car at Bathurst.
    * 1974 winner Kevin Bartlett, and emerging star Dick Johnson, had set equal fastest times during qualifying, though Bartlett set his time before Johnson and was credited with provisional pole. The pair would repeat this in 1981.


    Pos Class No Entrant Drivers Car Laps Qual
    1 3001-6000cc 05 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia Peter Brock
    New Zealand Jim Richards
    Holden VC Commodore 163 3
    2 3001-6000cc 4 Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd New Zealand Peter Janson
    Australia Larry Perkins
    Holden VC Commodore 162 8
    3 3001-6000cc 21 Stockton Coin & Bullion Exchange Pty Ltd Australia Ian Geoghegan
    Australia Paul Gulson
    Holden VB Commodore 159 13
    4 3001-6000cc 15 Re-Car Consolidated Industries Australia Alan Browne
    Australia Brian Sampson
    Holden VC Commodore 158 15
    5 3001-6000cc 10 Roadways Gown-Hindhaugh Australia Charlie O'Brien
    Australia Garth Wigston
    Holden VC Commodore 157 7
    6 3001-6000cc 16 Greater Pacific Finance Coy Australia Garry Rogers
    Australia Fred Giessler
    Holden VC Commodore 157 10
    7 3001-6000cc 6 Craven Mild Racing Australia Allan Grice
    Australia John Smith
    Holden VC Commodore 156 5
    8 2001-3000cc 35 Don Smith Australia Barry Seton
    Australia Don Smith
    Ford Capri Mk.III 156 22
    9 3001-6000cc 26 Re-Car Consolidated Industries Australia Ron Wanless
    Australia Greg Wright
    Holden VC Commodore 154 26
    10 3001-6000cc 14 Wayne Negus Australia Wayne Negus
    Australia Trevor Hine
    Holden VC Commodore 153 19
    11 3001-6000cc 9 Nine Network Racing Team Australia Kevin Bartlett
    Australia Bob Forbes
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28 152 1
    12 1601-2000cc 51 Chickadee Chicken Australia Graeme Bailey
    Australia Doug Clark
    Toyota Celica 148 30
    13 2001-3000cc 32 Masterton Homes Australia Steve Masterton
    Australia Colin Bond
    Ford Capri Mk.II 147 16
    14 1601-2000cc 45 Graham Mein Australia Graham Mein
    Australia Geoff Russell
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 142 41
    15 Up to 1600cc 54 Terry Finnigan Australia Terry Finnigan
    Australia Peter Dane
    Isuzu Gemini 140 46
    16 Up to 1600cc 57 Scottune Australia Ian Burrell
    Australia Rob Shute
    Mitsubishi Lancer 139 45
    17 2001-3000cc 37 Trend Windows P/L Australia Terry Daly
    Australia Peter Hopwood
    Ford Capri Mk.II 138 24
    18 3001-6000cc 2 Ron Dickson Australia Ron Dickson
    Australia Bob Stevens
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28 138 12
    19 1601-2000cc 40 Rex Monaghan Australia Ray Cutchie
    Australia Ray Farrar
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 135 32
    20 Up to 1600cc 65 Formula Ford Australia Australia Bob Holden
    Australia David Earle
    Ford Escort Ghia 1.6 135 51
    21 1601-2000cc 42 Warwick Henderson Australia Warwick Henderson
    Australia Graham Harrison
    Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000 135 44
    22 3001-6000cc 19 Tom Heard Australia Neville Bridges
    Australia Sue Ransom
    Holden VB Commodore 134 40
    23 Up to 1600cc 64 Ray Gulson Australia Ray Gulson
    Australia Paul Jones
    Alfa Romeo Alfasud Ti 134 51
    24 1601-2000cc 52 B&G Meyers Leyland Australia Terry Wade
    Australia Brian Reed
    Triumph Dolomite Sprint 131 37
    25 Up to 1600cc 58 Bernie McLure Australia Bernie McClure
    Australia David Langman
    Holden Gemini 130 53
    26 1601-2000cc 43 Allbrells Auto Care Centres New Zealand John Faulkner
    Australia Gary Dumbrell
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 129 36
    27 2001-3000cc 34 Scotty Taylor Holden Australia Alan Taylor
    Australia Kevin Kennedy
    Holden VB Commodore 128 48
    28 1601-2000cc 62 Alexandra Surplice Australia Alexandra Surplice
    Australia John Gates
    Toyota Corolla Levin 127 57
    29 Up to 1600cc 61 Ken Harrison Australia Ken Harrison
    Australia Ian Wells
    Ford Escort 1.6 Mk.II 126 55
    30 2001-3000cc 29 Capri Components Australia Lawrie Nelson
    Australia Tony Farrell
    Ford Capri Mk.III 121 29
    31 1601-2000cc 53 Bathurst Light Car Club Australia Tony Mulvihill
    Australia Brian Nightingale
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 120 56
    32 2001-3000cc 31 Masterton Homes Australia Bruce Stewart
    Australia Cam Worner
    Ford Capri Mk.II 120 28
    33 Up to 1600cc 55 CARS Gemini Racing Team Australia Ken Price
    Australia Steve Jonas
    Isuzu Gemini 116 50
    34 Up to 1600cc 56 CARS Gemini Racing Team Australia Allan Gough
    Australia Colin Spencer
    Isuzu Gemini 111 43
    DNF 3001-6000cc 11 Citizens Watches (Aust) Pty Ltd Australia Gary Cooke
    Australia Warwick Brown
    Holden VB Commodore 155 11
    DNF 1601-2000cc 44 Peter Williamson Pty Ltd Australia Peter Williamson
    Australia Mike Quinn
    Toyota Celica 129 27
    DNF 1601-2000cc 49 Jagparts Racing Team Australia Gerald Kay
    Australia Martin Power
    Triumph Dolomite Sprint 116 39
    DNF 1601-2000cc 41 Roger Cartwright Australia Roger Cartwright
    Australia Rod Stevens
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 112 31
    DNF Up to 1600cc 60 Country Dealer Team Australia Jim Faneco
    Australia Peter Boston
    Isuzu Gemini 111 52
    NC 3001-6000cc 18 Murray Carter Australia Murray Carter
    New Zealand Graeme Lawrence
    Ford XD Falcon 106 14
    NC 2001-3000cc 39 Darrell Lea Chocolate Shops Lty Ltd Australia Barry Jones
    Australia Geoff Leeds
    Mazda RX-7 105 25
    DNF 3001-6000cc 12 Ron Dickson United States Dick Barbour
    United States Sam Posey
    Chevrolet Camaro Z28 91 18
    DNF 3001-6000cc 7 Channel 7 Breville Racing Australia Bill O'Brien
    Australia Bob Morris
    Canada Allan Moffat
    Ford XD Falcon 88 6
    DNF 3001-6000cc 25 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Australia John Harvey
    Australia Ron Harrop
    Holden VC Commodore 78 4
    DNF 2001-3000cc 30 McLeod Mazda Australia Peter McLeod
    Australia Mal Brewster
    Mazda RX-7 65 33
    DNF Up to 1600cc 63 Lennox Motors Australia Chris Heyer
    Australia Peter Lander
    Volkswagen Golf GTi 63 42
    DNF 3001-6000cc 20 King George Tavern Australia Joe Moore
    Australia Fred Gibson
    Ford XD Falcon 51 20
    DNF 1601-2000cc 46 Formula Ford Australia Australia Stephen Brook
    Australia Wally Storey
    Ford Escort RS2000 Mk.II 45 34
    DNF 3001-6000cc 22 Jim Keogh Australia Jim Keogh
    Australia Ross Mathiesen
    Ford XD Falcon 42 21
    DNF 3001-6000cc 8 Garry Willmington Australia Garry Willmington
    Australia Rod Donovan
    Ford XD Falcon 24 23
    DNF 3001-6000cc 23 Phil Lyon Australia Phil Lyon
    Australia Bill Stanley
    Holden VB Commodore 23 11
    DNF 2001-3000cc 28 Precinct Performance Pty Ltd Australia Allan Bryant
    Australia Terry Shiel
    Mazda RX-7 19 38
    DNF 1601-2000cc 50 Cinzano Team Australia Garry Leggatt
    Australia David Seldon
    Isuzu Gemini 18 60
    DNF 3001-6000cc 17 Palmer Tube Mills Australia Dick Johnson
    Australia John French
    Ford XD Falcon 17 2
    DNF 1601-2000cc 48 Brian Foley Pty Ltd Australia Phil McDonnell
    United Kingdom Derek Bell
    Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000 16 35
    DNF 3001-6000cc 3 John Goss Racing Pty Ltd Australia John Goss
    Australia Ron Gillard
    Jaguar XJ-S 14 58
    DNF Up to 1600cc 59 Country Dealer Team Australia Gary Rowe
    Australia Geoff Wade
    Isuzu Gemini 12 49
    DNF 3001-6000cc 24 Robert Muir Motors Pty Ltd Australia Bob Muir
    New Zealand Kingsley Hibbard
    Ford XD Falcon 7 17
    DNF 3001-6000cc 1 Federation Insurance - Unipart Canada Allan Moffat
    United Kingdom John Fitzpatrick
    Ford XD Falcon 3 9
    DNF 1601-2000cc 47 Wally Scott Australia Walter Scott
    Australia Peter Walton
    Toyota Celica 3 47


    • Provisional Pole Position - #9 Kevin Bartlett
    • Pole Position - #9 Kevin Bartlett - 2:20.972
    • Fastest Lap - #17 Dick Johnson - 2:22.2
    • Average Speed - 148 km/h
    • Race Time - 6:47:52.7

    Further reading

    • Australia's Greatest Motor Race, 1960–1989, page 310


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