The 1981 Hang Ten 400 was an endurance race for Group C Touring Cars.[1] The event, which was Round 3 of the 1981 Australian Endurance Championship, was staged on 13 September over 119 laps of the 3.1 km Sandown International Motor Racing Circuit in Victoria, Australia.[1] It was the 16th race in the history of what is now known as the Sandown 500.

Peter Brock drove a Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Holden VC Commodore to a record sixth consecutive Sandown endurance win and his seventh victory in the race. 1981 Australian Touring Car Champion Dick Johnson finished second after starting from pole position in the Plamer Tube Mills Ford XD Falcon. Third was the Roadways Gown Hindhaugh Holden VC Commodore of Steven Harrington and Garth Wigston.

Colin Bond and Steve Masterton were the winners of Class B in a Ford Capri V6, while Sydney's Peter Williamson won Class C with a Toyota Celica. Class D was won by Craig Bradtke and Rod Stevens driving a Mitsubishi Lancer.


The field was divided into four engine capacity classes:[1]

  • Class A : 3001 to 6000 cc[1]
  • Class B : 2001 to 3000 cc[1]
  • Class C : 1601 to 2000 cc[1]
  • Class D : Up to 1600 cc[1]


Pos.[2] Drivers[2] No.[2] Car[2] Entrant[2] Class[2] Laps[2]
1 Peter Brock 05 Holden VC Commodore Marlboro Holden Dealer Team A 119
2 Dick Johnson 17 Ford XD Falcon Palmer Tube Mills A 118
3 Steven Harrington
Garth Wigston
27 Holden VC Commodore Roadways Gown Hindhaugh A 117
4 John Harvey
Vern Schuppan
25 Holden VC Commodore Marlboro Holden Dealer Team A 117
5 Murray Carter 18 Ford XD Falcon Murray Carter A 116
6 Allan Moffat 43 Mazda RX-7 Peter Stuyvesant International Racing A 115
7 Allan Grice 44 BMW 635 CSi Allan Grice Racing Pty. Ltd. A 114
8 Neil Cunningham 19 Holden VC Commodore Neil Cunningham A 114
9 Colin Bond
Steve Masterton
32 Ford Capri V6[3] Masterton Homes Pty. Ltd. B 112
10 Joe Moore
Christine Gibson
20 Ford XD Falcon King George Tavern A 111
11 Peter McLeod
Peter Dane
40 Mazda RX-7 Peter McLeod A 110
12 Gerry Burges 54 Mazda RX-7 Gerry Burges B 108
13 Garry Whittaker 78 Holden LX Torana SLR 5000 A9X[2][4] Garry Whittaker A 107
14 Ray Allford
John Mann
14 Ford XD Falcon Ray Allford A 106
15 John Bundy
Norm Carr
69 Mazda RX-3 John Bundy B 106
16 Peter Williamson 77 Toyota Celica Toyota Dealer Team C 103
17 Craig Bradtke
Rod Stevens
68 Mitsubishi Lancer 1600 Dandenong Mitsubishi D 102
18 Bob Holden 52 Ford Escort Mk. II Bob Holden Motors Manly Vale C 102
19 Shane Cowhan
Brain Wheeler
73 Mazda RX-3 Shane Cowhan B 102
20 Peter Boston 72 Isuzu Gemini Peter Boton D 101
21 John White 59 Holden Gemini John White D 98
22 Phil Brock
Gary Scott
65 Holden Gemini H.D.T. Special Vehicles Pty Ltd C 97
23 Phillip Revell
Ron Barnacle
84 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia[1] Bob Holden Motors Manly Vale D 94
24 Joseph Beninca
Peter Beninca
46 Alfa Romeo Alfetta[4] Beninca Motors C 88
25 Chris Heyer 53 Volkswagen Golf GTi Lennox Motors D 87
26 Martin Power
Lorraine Orchard
49 Triumph Dolomite Martin Power D 69
DNF Terry Daly
Peter Hopwood
36 Ford Capri IIS Trend Windows Pty. Ltd. B 83
DNF Ken Price
Steve Jonas
48 Isuzu PF50 Douglas B Rutter D 69
DNF Alan Browne
Tony Edmondson
4 Holden VC Commodore Re-Car Racing A 65
DNF Ron Wanless
Ralph Radburn
16 Holden VC Commodore Re-Car Racing A 63
DNF John Faulkner
Gary Dumbrell
63 Ford Escort Cherry City Ford C 52
DNF J.Duggan 42 Mazda RX-7 J.Duggan A 51
DNF Charlie O'Brien 2 Holden VC Commodore Citizens Watches Australia A 49
DNF Bill O'Brien
Garry Cooke
30 Ford XD Falcon Bill O'Brien A 41
DNF Jim Keogh
Andrew Newton
22 Ford XD Falcon John Sands 3MP Racing A 40
DNF Garry Rogers
Clive Benson-Browne
11 Holden VC Commodore The Launceston Hotel Pty. Ltd. A 39
DNF Peter Janson
Larry Perkins
3 Holden VC Commodore Cadbury Schweppes Racing A 38
DNF Graeme Bailey
Steven Land
51 Toyota Celica Chickadee Chicken C 37
DNF Scotty Taylor
Kevin Kennedy
26 Holden VC Commodore Scotty Taylor Holden A 28
DNF Ian Burrell
Rob Shute
66 Mitsubishi Colt Mirage Scottune D 28
DNF Warren Cullen 1 Holden VC Commodore Warren Cullen A 20
DNF John Goss
Barry Seton
10 Jaguar XJ-S Goss Garage A 10
DNF James Faneco 60 Isuzu PF50 Gemini Coupe[2][5] Country Dealer Team D 8
DNF Colin Spencer 60 Isuzu Gemini Colin Spencer D 4
DNF Lawrie Nelson
Peter Jones
39 Ford Capri IIIS Capri Components B 2
DNF Rusty French
Leo Leonard
6 Ford XD Falcon Rusty French A 0
DNS[5] Allan Gough[5][1] 61[1] Isuzu Gemini Coupe[5][1] Country Dealer Team[1] D[1] -



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Further reading

  • The Official Racing History of Holden, 1988, page 308
  • The Age, Monday, 14 September 1981, page 30
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