The 1982 Castrol 400 was an endurance race for touring cars complying with CAMS Group C regulations. The event was held at the Sandown Raceway circuit in Victoria on 12 September 1982 over 109 laps, totalling 337.9 km. The field was divided into four classes according to engine capacity:

  • Class A : Up to 1600 cc
  • Class B : 1601 - 2000 cc
  • Class C : 2001 - 3000 cc
  • Class D : 3001 - 6000 cc

There were 52 starters in the event, which was the second round of the 1982 Australian Endurance Championship and the second round of the 1982 Australian Endurance Championship of Makes.

Allan Moffat's win in his Peter Stuyvesant International Mazda RX-7 was the first outright win by a car from a Japanese manufacturer in the annual Sandown endurance race.


Position Drivers No. Car Entrant Class Laps
1 Canada Allan Moffat 43 Mazda RX-7 Peter Stuyvesant International D 109
2 Australia Allan Grice 4 Holden VH Commodore SS Re-Car Racing D 109
3 Australia Dick Johnson 17 Ford XE Falcon Palmer Tube Mills D 108
4 Australia John Harvey
Australia Gary Scott
25 Holden Commodore VH SS Marlboro Holden Dealer Team D 108
5 Australia Terry Shiel 37 Mazda RX-7 Eurocars Mazda D 107
6 Australia Charlie O'Brien
Australia Clive Benson-Brown
11 Holden VC Commodore Sound Wave Discos D 106
7 Australia Garry Rogers[1][circular reference]
Australia Ron Wanless
16 Holden VH Commodore SS Re-Car Racing D 106
8 Australia Fred Gibson 56 Nissan Bluebird Turbo Nissan Motor Company C 106
9 Australia Greg Toepfer
Australia Ken Matthews
19 Holden VH Commodore SS Citizen Watches D 105
10 New Zealand Jim Richards 31 BMW 635 CSi JPS Team BMW D 105
11 Australia John Goss 10 Jaguar XJS John Goss Racing D 104
12 New Zealand Peter Janson 3 Holden VH Commodore SS Cadbury Schweppes D 103
13 Australia Bill O'Brien
Australia Brian Sampson
36 Ford XD Falcon Everlast Batteries Service D 103
14 Australia Peter McLeod
Australia Peter Dane
40 Mazda RX-7 Strongbow Racing Team D 103
15 Australia John French
Australia Alf Grant
23 Ford XD Falcon Alf Grant Racing D 102
16 Australia John Duggan 34 Mazda RX-7 John Duggan D 101
17 Australia Steve Harrington
Australia Garth Wigston
21 Holden VH Commodore SS Roadways Racing D 98
18 Australia Graeme Bailey
Australia Steve Land
61 Toyota Celica Chickadee Chicken B 98
19 Australia Gerry Burges 33 Mazda RX-7 Gerry Burges D 97
20 Australia Peter Beninca
Australia Joe Beninca
66 Alfa Romeo GTV Beninca Motors B 96
21 Australia James Myhill
Australia John Bundy
49 Mazda RX-3 J. Myhill C 95
22 Australia Jim Faneco
Australia Allan Gough
68 Isuzu Gemini ZZ Country Dealer Team A 94
23 Australia Ian Burrell
Australia Rob Shute
76 Mitsubishi Colt Eastside Mitsubishi A 94
24 Australia Peter Boston 74 Isuzu Gemini PF50 P. Boston A 93
25 Australia Ian Wells 97 Mitsubishi Lancer I. Wells A 91
26 Australia Martin Power 59 Triumph Dolomite Sprint Jag Parts B 91
27 Australia Brian Winsall 87 Isuzu Gemini 1.6 Litre Touring Car Association A 90
28 Australia Tony Mulvihill 64 Ford Escort Bob Holden Motors B 80
29 Australia Lester Smerdon 83 Isuzu Gemini PF50 L. Smerdon A 75
Other starters included the following:
DNF Australia Steve Masterton 2 Ford XE Falcon Masterton Homes P/L D
DNF Australia Peter Brock 05 Holden VH Commodore SS Marlboro Holden Dealer Team D
DNF Australia Bob Morris 7 Ford XE Falcon Alan Jones D
DNF Australia Colin Bond
Australia Kevin Bartlett
9 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Nine Network Racing Team D
DNF Australia David Parsons 13 Holden VH Commodore SS Cadbury Schweppes D
DNF Australia Murray Carter 18 Ford XE Falcon Murray Carter John Sands Racing D
DNF Australia Warren Cullen 22 Holden VH Commodore SS Cullen Automotive Industries D
DNF Australia Alan Jones 27 Mazda RX-7 Alan Jones D
DNF Australia Allan Taylor
Australia Kevin Kennedy
32 Holden VC Commodore Scotty Taylor Racing D
DNF Australia Bernie Stack
Australia Keith Poole
38 Holden VC Commodore Gawler Body Works D
DNF Australia Gregg Hansford
Australia Lucio Cesario
42 Mazda RX-7 Peter Stuyvesant International D
NC Australia John Craft
Australia Barry Seton
52 Ford Capri Hulcraft Autos C
DNF Australia George Fury 55 Nissan Bluebird Turbo Nissan Motor Company C
DNF Australia Bob Holden 63 Ford Escort Bob Holden Motors B
DNF Australia Alexandra Surplice
Australia Doug Clark
71 Toyota Corolla Levin A. Surplice A
DNF Australia Craig Bellman 78 Isuzu Gemini C. Bellman A
DNF Australia Arthur Abrahams 90 Ford Escort B


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