C 0284

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Current owner: Morgan Family, Victoria. Car Location: U.K.

MMM No: 81.


Said to be one of the most original surviving M.G. C-types.

Owned by Aussies and kept in the UK for their use when visiting.

Guarantee plate issued 1/8/31.  Car painted black and red. Registration no. JK 1932.


25/8/31: To Parkinson, Polson & Co. Ltd. Eastbourne.

26/8/31: At Caffyns Ltd, Eastbourne.

9/31: Owner Phillip Lucas, Eastbourne.

9/9/31: BARC Concours, P. Lucas 1st in class.

’31-’61: multitude of owner changes but no recorded competition results.

10/11/61: owner Bob Hudson, Shepperton, UK.  Also owned C0276 at same time.  C0284 was acquired with special square-back body, rebuild with pointed-tail body, AB cylinder head and SU carbs.

16/5/63:  M.G.C.C. Silverstone, driver R. Hudson.

’63-’64: Numerous M.G.C.C & V.S.C.C. races, driver R. Hudson.

4-5/4/98: Vintage Montlhery, France, driver R. Hudson.

2000: Rebuilt, supercharger fitted, painted dark blue.

2013: Sold to Marguerite Morgan.

  • Listing ID: 4630
  • Midget: C Type
  • Chassis Number: C 0284
  • Year of Production: 1931
  • Previous Owners: Bob Hudson
  • Current Owner: Marguerite Morgan
  • Original Engine Number: AA132
  • Current Engine Number: AA132
  • Date Acquired: 2013
  • Current Reg: JK 1932 UK