Where to find Pre-war M.G.s for saleComments
Anamera or Fine Cars websiteUS site, address says Fine Cars, pages say Anamera, doesn’t matter.
Lots of M.G.s from around the world
Andy King websiteUK pre 1955 M.G. specialist mainly new and used parts but has the occasional car for sale
Barry Walker website

UK dealer specialising in Pre-war M.G.s. Has recently reduced his involvement in parts.

Known as the go-to guy if looking to buy MMM cars

Car and Classic sales websiteA popular UK advertising site used by most dealers. Good functions for refining searches
Classic Car Sales websiteUS classic car sales site. You need to use ‘advanced’ search functions to refine results
Classic Cars for sale websiteAnother UK site with M.G.s not as easy to refine your search
Hemmings car sales websiteProbably the best known US advertising site, easy navigation
MG Owners Club car sales pageThe club mainly caters to modern M.G. owners but the occasional early car appears
Octagon Club car sales pageUK pre 1955 club rival to M.G.C.C.
NAMMM Register car sales pageUS MMM Register often has interesting listings
Peter Edney websiteUK early M.G. specialist has the occasional car for sale
Pistonheads websiteUK car sales website, very searchable lots of Pre-war M.G.s appear
Prewarcar websiteAdvertising site for pre war cars.
Search by make, lots of M.G.s from around the world inc., Aussie cars
Robin Lawton websiteUK dealer specialising in early classics. Many interesting M.G.s have passed through his hands
Steve Baker websiteUK M.G. specialist has the occasional car for sale
Sussex sports cars websiteUK classic car dealer usually has a few M.G.s in stock
SVW Register car sales pageCars for sale on SVW Register website
SVW cars for sale websiteCars for sale by the world’s only SVW Specialist
T Register car sales pageUK T Register car sales list
T Society car sales pageUK T Society car sales list
Terry Bone car sales websiteLong time M.G. dealer in the UK often has pre-war M.G.s
The M.G. Automobile Co. websiteThis UK company took over Barry Walker’s parts business but they also sell cars
Trade Me Motors websiteNew Zealand’s main car sales site.
M.G.s from all eras on offer
Triple-M Register car sales pageThe UK Register’s sales page.
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