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Vehicle Reg Owner Previous Owners Location
18/80 6409 Robert Bazzica Selwyn Haig, S.A. Ian Curwen-Walker 1954-2023 South Australia
F type 0345 Peter Bail Peter Bradey South Australia
F type 0546 Charles & Margret Tuckey 1932 David Pittendrigh, Toorak, Vic. Colin Jones, Simon Ramsey, Noel Robson, Bill Atherton, Graeme Steinfort, Richard Fearon, Peter Longford, Peter Thomas, Ivan Glasby, Keith Bradfield, John Trewarne, Vic., Keith Schafferius, Qld., South Australia
J2 2775 Martin Barrett South Australia
J2 4330 Ian Buckley Bob Bazzica, S.A. South Australia
KN 0386 Robert Bazzica Alan Kramer, London, UK ?-74 Phil Redhead, NSW, 74-? Warren Hocking, Vic. ?-87 South Australia
L type 0409 Alistair Coombe Estate South Australia
L type 0730 Martin Barrett South Australia
M Type 0353 Tim Rettig South Australia
M Type 0540 Tim Rettig David Felgate South Australia
M Type 1447 Mike Greenwood ? D.J. Sexton, Adelaide. 1957 Robert Morphett, S.A. South Australia
NA 0392 Andrew Hayes South Australia
NA 0541 Peter Cundy John Snow, NSW 1934- Angus Robertson, NSW '30s. Larry Duff, NSW '40s. Jim Elliott, Newtown NSW '40s. Len Golding, NSW '40s. Fred Elbourne, NSW '40s-50? W. Page, Townsville Qld. Roland Wilf Eberle, Townsville Qld. B. Williams, Qld. '60s Captain (Army) Luxilian Clyde Anable, Qld. Peter Westerwick, Cairns Qld '70s. Bob Fast, Qld 1982-2016. South Australia
NA 0637 Peter Coombe South Australia
NB 0897 Tim Harper South Australia
NB 0926 Martin Barrett South Australia
ND 0333 Arthur Ruediger Phil Vickery, N.S.W. 1974 Ed Ison, N.S.W. '74-'96. Harry Hickling '96-2014. South Australia
PA 0510 Lindsay Hick Stephen Foldhazy, NSW. South Australia
PA 1668 Bucknell Family South Australia
SA 0518 Bob Schapel South Australia
SA 2687 John Neilson South Australia
TA 1288 Angela McLean South Australia
TA 2378 Bob Schapel South Australia
TA 2391 Ron Smith Vic Spunner, Morwell South Australia
TA 2478 Martin Barrett South Australia
TA 2510 Ron Smith South Australia
TA 2854 Geoff Wallbridge South Australia
TA 2939 Bob Horn South Australia
TB 0558 Bob Horn South Australia
VA 1048 Bill Mitchell Alan Robinson South Australia