ND 0333

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Current owner: Arthur Ruediger, South Aust.

MMM No: 3367

Information: Assembled in 1934 as a 2-seat ND model; one of only 24 built. Utilising surplus K2 bodies on regular N-type chassis with a tuned engine.

History: Unfortunately no UK history has emerged as yet.
Imported into Australia by Phil Vickery, N.S.W. in 1974.  P.V. was disappointed in the car’s condition and on-sold it to Ed Ison in N.S.W shortly after, E.I. later sold it as a project to Harry Hickling in 1996.  H.H. had extensive restoration work carried out by HVR in Vic. then sold it in 2014, before completion, to A.R. in 2014.  The car was finally finished to a very high standard in Sept., 2015.

  • Listing ID: 2019
  • Magnette: ND
  • Chassis Number: 0333
  • Year of Production: 1934
  • Previous Owners: Phil Vickery, N.S.W. 1974
    Ed Ison, N.S.W. '74-'96.
    Harry Hickling '96-2014.
  • Current Owner: Arthur Ruediger
  • Original Engine Number: 594 AN
  • Current Engine Number: 580 AN/2
  • Date Acquired: 2014
  • Current Reg: MGND 34 (SA)