18/80 6409

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Current owner: Ian Curwen-Walker, South Australia

Information: Oxford built 1929

History: Early history unknown.

Appeared in South Australia wearing a locally built body.  Registration number SA 168 849.

Raced in the 1939 Australian Stock Car Road Championship, Lobethal, S.A., driven by Selwyn R. Haig (race result unknown).  The car was entered as M.G. ‘Tiger’!  The race was held on the same day as the Australian Grand Prix.

Owned by Ian Curwen-Walker since 1958, undergoing slow restoration.

  • Listing ID: 1728
  • Vintage Model: 18/80
  • Chassis Number: 6409
  • Year of Production: 1929
  • Previous Owners: Selwyn Haig, S.A.
  • Current Owner: Ian Curwen-Walker
  • Original Engine Number: JA 9182
  • Date Acquired: 1958