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9-2-19 Added coming events for 2019 and past events for 2018

3-2-19 Updates to Buy and Sell page.

F type withdrawn from sale.  M.G. J2 price adjustment.  M.G. NB added.

21-1-2019 – Site update – Victorian fragment personnel changes.

Also changes to state representatives.  See Contents page and About – the people, pages.

2-11-2018 - Site update - hacks removed, we hope.

It is a sad fact that in every endeavor there are people on the constant look out for opportunities to exploit others.  That is why we have the military, customs, police, watch dogs and locks on our doors.

Unfortunately some months ago my efforts to create a new website for the Register attracted the attention of hackers who managed to infiltrate our security measures and planted malware that redirected site visitors to other destinations.  Thankfully those other sites did not infect visiting devices as far as we know.

It has taken quite a number of attempts but we now believe the site to be clean and security has been improved.  Only time will tell if our efforts have succeeded.

In the mean time the M.G. news rolls on. 

October 2018 - M.G. SA emerges at Motorclassica

Another M.G. SA has been created by Harry and Cathy Hickling.  It’s first public showing was at this year’s Motorclassic held at Victoria’s Royal Exhibition Buildings in October.