Coming events - Pre-war Register

Victorian Fragment - Everyone is welcome!

  1. Feb. 24th, Concours
  2. March 15th, Clubrooms, Register meeting, Pre-Aust. Grand Prix get together.
  3. March 14th -17th,  Bright, Veteran Car Club 1 and 2 Cylinder Rally.
  4. March 24th, Kalorama Rally. More info here.
  5. April 10th, Pre-war and Restorers host monthly M.G.C.C. Club meet.
  6. April 28th, VSCC Autumn Leaves Run.
  7. May 5th, VHRR Rob Roy Hillclimb.
  8. May 16th,  Register meeting, Derby Works, visit.
  9. May 17th  – 19th, Historic Winton race meeting.
  10. July 7th,  M.G.C.C. Presidents’ Pub Run.
  11. July 11th,  Clubrooms, Register meeting, program TBA.
  12. August 18th, V.S.C.C. Rob Roy Hillclimb.
  13. August 25th,  M.G.C.C. Macedon, Observed Section Trial.
  14. September 1st, M.G.C.C. Fathers’ Day Early Morning Run.
  15. September 19th, Clubrooms, Register meeting, program TBA.
  16. October 25th – 27th,  Sandown Historic Races.
  17. November 3rd,  M.G.C.C. Economy Run.
  18. December 8th,    Register Christmas breakup, details TBA.