Coming events - Pre-war Register

Victorian Fragment - Everyone is welcome!

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  1. January Sunday  5th                             T&Y New Year EMR
  2. February Sunday 23rd                          Concours, Yarra Glen Racecourse
  3. March 5-8th                                    V.S.C.C. Alpine Rally (Tasmania)
  4. March Friday 13th                     Clubrooms, Register meeting, Pre F1 AGP get together.
  5. March Sunday 22nd                    Kalorama Rally.
  6. April Wednesday 1st               Pre-war Register and Restorers Group host monthly Club meeting.    
    Meeting date is early because of National Meeting
  7. April 10-14th                             M.G.C.C. National Meeting
  8. April Sunday 19th                     Pre-war Register Run and Garage Tour
  9. May Sunday 3rd                       V.H.R.R. Rob Roy Hillclimb
  10. May Thursday 21st                      M.G.C.C. Clubrooms, Pre-war Register Meeting
  11. May 29th – 31st                         Historic Winton.
  12. June Sunday 14th                     Pre-war Register Run and Garage Tour
  13. July Sunday 5th                        Presidents’ Pub Run.
  14. July Thursday 16th                 M.G.C.C. Clubrooms, Pre-war Register Meeting
  15. August 16th                                     V.S.C.C. Historic Rob Roy  DATE TO BE CONFIRMED
  16. August 29-30th                              Wakefield Park Historic Races
  17. September Sunday 6th                        Fathers’ Day T&Y EMR.
  18. September Thursday 17th                 M.G.C.C. Clubrooms, Pre-war Register Meeting
  19. October (TBA)                                 Vintage Collingrove Hillclimb, South Aust.
  20. November Sunday 1st                        Rob Roy Historic and Classic Hillclimb
  21. November 6th – 8th                               Sandown Historic Races                                                                                       
  22. December Sunday 6th                        Pre-war Register Christmas breakup.