Coming events of interest to owners of Pre-war M.G.s

National Events

Friday April 19th to Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Premier event for 2019 is the M.G.C.C. National Meeting, hosted by the M.G. Car Club of Queensland with activities centred in Redlands.

Full information detailed on the host club’s website; including accommodation choices, event schedule, etc.

Bulletin three and Sup. Reg’s are out now.

Early bird entries close 1/2/19 and all entries close 8/3/19.

To visit the website click on the logo above.

M-types gather up north


The second gathering of M-types has been organised for the 14th of April at Cleveland, Queensland.

Last year six cars attended and eight are promised for this year.

Not only will attendees celebrate the 90th anniversary of the production of the first M.G. sportscar but also the 121st birthday of Cecil Kimber, good reasons to raise a glass or three.

RSVP via email or call 0412 112 192 to ensure adequate catering.

National Pre-war M.G. Register Rally - Yamba 6-9-19 to 9-9-19

The biennial National Pre-war M.G. Register Rally this year returns to Yamba in Queensland.

To learn more details and to make entry inquiries go to the Facebook page here.

Pre-war Register – Victorian Fragment 

1.  February 24 – Sunday – M.G. Car Club Concours.  Yarra Glen Racecourse.

Be a part of the Club’s most important annual event, held in conjunction with the A.O.M.C.  See up to 1000 classic cars in the picturesque surrounds of the Yarra Valley.  Choices of catering on site and various vendors of car related parts and collectibles.

Bring your Pre-war M.G. and join your fellow Register members in the line up. 

Cars in place by 9.00AM if you want it to be judged.

  1. March 15th, Clubrooms, Register meeting, Pre-Aust. Grand Prix get together.  Interstate visitors in Melbourne for the A.G.P. weekend are encouraged to attend our Register meet.
  2. March 14th -17th,  Bright, Veteran Car Club 1 and 2 Cylinder Rally.
  3. March 24th, Kalorama Rally.
  4. April 10th, Pre-war and Restorers host monthly M.G.C.C. Club meet.
  5. April 28th, VSCC Autumn Leaves Run.
  6. May 5th,       VHRR Rob Roy Hillclimb.
  7. May 16th,  Register meeting, Derby Works, visit.
  8. May 17th  – 19th, Historic Winton race meeting.
  9. June 16th, OST Yarra Track vineyard.
  10. July 7th,  M.G.C.C. Presidents’ Pub Run.
  11. July 11th,  Clubrooms, Register meeting, program TBA.
  12. August 18th, VSCC Rob Roy Hillclimb.
  13. August 25th,  M.G.C.C. Macedon, Observed Section Trial.
  14. September 1st, M.G.C.C. Fathers’ Day Early Morning Run.
  15. September 19th, Clubrooms, Register meeting, program TBA.
  16. October 25th – 27th,  Sandown Historic Races.
  17. November 3rd,  M.G.C.C. Economy Run.
  18. December 8th,    Register Christmas breakup, TBA.