F Type 0525

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F0525 was ordered from Cookes Motors in High Street, Sutton, Surrey, by Mr P.G.A.

Smith in January 1932.  It was black with brown upholstery and carried the number plate PJ 2572.  Within a month it was back at the factory with 1200 miles on the clock to be decoked and a host of matters to be attended to, especially poor performance.  Despite this work, Smith must still have been unhappy about performance as the file shows Mr Thornley asserting that “At the time of writing, Mr Kimber has not tried out your car, but he will be doing so shortly.”  Was Smith unhappy with the F-type’s capabilities?  Did Cecil Kimber take it for a spin, and if so, what was his verdict?  These questions remain unanswered, but the file goes on to show that Smith took the car on a major tour of the Continent during August and September 1932.  In February 1934, the file shows that with 18,000 miles on the clock, Smith was thinking about up-dating his car but in the end decided to have F0525 “rebored and generally done up”.

Up until this point in its life, F0525 carried factory F1 bodywork, but by the early 1950s the car is known to have been in New Zealand in its current form and usually referred to as the “Jarvis-bodied F-type”.  The body is quite a bit shorter than standard, a bit narrower and with a squared-off look reminiscent of the K1.  By the 1970s the car was with Pat Griffith in Nelson who owned it for several years.  By this time, F0525 was fitted with hydraulic 12 inch brakes but was still otherwise reasonably sound and original.  Griffith treated it to a restoration which was to stand it in good stead for the next twenty years.  Griffith’s restoration included new upholstery, dashboard and paint work and a host of smaller items to keep the car driveable and presentable.  In this form F0525 was exported to Australia in 1989 where it was bought by Colin Bardell who sold it to the Hicklings in 1991.  A full restoration was then carried out over an eight year time frame and completed in time for the National Meeting in 2001.

  • Maga : F Type
  • Chassis Number : 0525
  • Year of Production : 1932
  • Current Owner : Harry Hickling
  • Date Acquired : 1991
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Capital Territory,Australia