K1 0411

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Information / History:

The K1 has arrived and been driven to the end of the street and pushed back in the pouring rain, spent some time trying to get the car to run on all cylinders, car now in corner of garage awaiting finishing of the other projects before tackling what the problems are. Car is complete and looks in good order excluding engine issues and interior trim.

Update: The car has now been restored to Ross’s satisfaction and pictured above.


Engine No. 624 AKD (on Engine and Plate) Body No 139/9799 Body Type B224.

4 seat tourer, KD engine, pre selector gearbox, all original and factory standard.

  • Magnette : K1
  • Chassis Number : 0411
  • Current Owner : Ross Kelly
  • Current Engine Number : 624 AKD
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